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exciting strong but not unpleasant emotions


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These lines from the soul-stirring 1962 peace anthem Blowing in the Wind, penned by the Nobel Prize-winning American singer and song writer Bob Dylan, have still not lost their relevance as they reflect the global community's apathy towards the unfolding horrific health crisis in Yemen.
An outspoken call for human compassion, Drapetomania is striking, soul-stirring, and highly recommended.
La La Land' has that soul-stirring ring of truth that distinguishes it from other romantic tearjerkers.
Ezza's desert blues-rock, three-piece dynamic and soul-stirring melodies, produce a more contemporary sound than previously associated with Saharan music.
Amjad Sabri was one of the country finest qawwals, known for his soul-stirring renditions of mystic poetry.
Their soul-stirring performances will leave you with joy in your heart and great memories to share.
Watching the sky come alive with other-worldly lights is a truly soul-stirring encounter and on many people's bucket lists.
Though filled with insightful wisdom, the writing style is free-form, jumping between vignette, poetry, parable, and other formats to deliver its brief yet soul-stirring reflections.
a postcard with an original sketch by Leger; soul-stirring letters from Hemingway and Fitzgerald; photos of Picasso clowning on the beach with his mistress--not just a "book," a treasure trove.
Spanning four generations, this soul-stirring novel is fittingly dedicated by its author "to all victims of rape and their families, who inspired it.
Blog writer Poonam Malik, 26, who had come along with her friend Salma, shared the same emotion and said that they came to the event to hear some "serious soul-stirring poetry".
Pilgrims go into the Judean wilderness as dawn breaks, to sit on a barren hillside and engage the soul-stirring landscape where Jesus walked.
What's more, Mashhur will captivate the attendees with his soul-stirring recital.
The fact that she does so through the medium of soul-stirring music is a wonderful bonus for us, the audience.
com Ragley spectacular Live cannons, fireworks, a Spitfire display and soul-stirring music are all on the menu when The Battle Proms return to Ragley Hall on August 20.