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a penetrating examination of your own beliefs and motives

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When I say a lot of soul-searching I really mean that, because I've been in this game a long time and it's one of the toughest decisions I can remember having to make in quite some time.
SOUL-SEARCHING - Camarines Sur 3rd District Representative Leni Robredo, amid pressure from supporters asking her to run for vice president in tandem with Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas, finds comfort in the consult of friends and sectoral leaders at her hometown of Naga City in Camarines Sur.
Eurozone crisis prompted soul-searching and new competitive attitudes in French industry
I see no gut-wrenching soul-searching going on there.
I read 'Soul-searching' by a Disturbed Pakistani professional (GDN, December 8) and his views expressed real soul-searching.
The 28-year-old from Swansea has been stewing on his second defeat in 30 fights ever since and hopes to end the soul-searching by crushing Alvarez.
Mauresmo has much soul-searching to do after her latest disappointment.
STEPHEN KENNY has revealed his side have had a week of showdowns and soul-searching to get to the bottom of their start-of-season slump.
However, after much soul-searching and consideration of all the factors, I have now made proposals through my solicitor in Pakistan to Mr Rana.
At times dark, at times embodying the spirit of hope, Sins of the Innocent chronicles the years of World War II and beyond with a candid, soul-searching eye.
Over the past two years, soul-searching and conversation have helped my wife and me face this disordering of our marriage.
Springer is a talented writer who nicely balances action with soul-searching and eloquent descriptions of the forest setting.
Eifman moves his dancers boldly and, like Martha Graham, has the theatrical instinct to know when the soul-searching duets and trios need a change of pace.
When China's third-largest oil producer, CNOOC, made an unsolicited bid for control of Unocal a few months back, this great nation found itself plunged into a long-overdue spate of soul-searching.