soul patch

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a small patch of facial hair just below the lower lip and above the chin


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I play a very sophisticated art dealer -- who has now grown a mustache and a soul patch,'' he added.
SOUL PATCH | REED FARREL COLEMAN: In the fourth Moe Prager mystery, set in New York City in the 1980s, the PI investigates secrets behind a drug dealer's murder a decade earlier--but not without more deaths.
We escaped the clutches of my greatest fear by the hair of the scruffy soul patch on my chinny-chin-chin, yet the reward for our slight tardiness turned into a memory for the ages.
Among men who do choose facial hair, the goatee is most frequently worn (21%), followed by stubble (12%), moustache (11%), large sideburns (6%), chin beard (5%), the soul patch (4%) and full beard (2%).
TOM: Of even better, maybe just a soul patch that hangs down below the license plate.
Meanwhile, Kingsley returns with a new image - he's grown a soul patch and started yo-yoing.
The driver described the man with the gun as about 20 years old, Hispanic, medium height with brown eyes and small growth of facial hair on his chin, sometimes called a soul patch.
Certain male executives show their creativity with a soul patch or goatee, but stylists don't necessarily recommend that form of facial hair expression.
DeMarcus, who sports a soul patch and an earring and may be the country group's least `country' member, takes umbrage at the term "boy band.