soul mate

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someone for whom you have a deep affinity

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I don't think it's an exaggeration, bear with me, to substitute "Bigfoot" for "soul mate." Because what is a soul mate except an imagined thing?
It's not the first time that Bollywood has explored themes of love, rebellion, soul mates and sacrifice.
'Compared with material needs, finding a soul mate is much more important for me.
They always knew that they are soul mates and are destined to be together.
"You might think that people would become less romantic and idealistic once they trade their 'soul mate' dream for an actual person, but it turns out that most people are finding someone close--or at least close enough--to what they hope for," says Jeffrey Arnett, professor of psychology, poll director, and the individual who coined the term "emerging adulthood"-the phase of life between adolescence and full-fledged adulthood.
According to a study by the pro-matrimony National Marriage Project, more than 88 percent of young adults believe they have a soul mate somewhere waiting for them, and a majority think the best reason to marry is for love.
On Wednesday, Veena tweeted a picture of her and Khattak's wedding bands with the caption, "I have found my Soul mate....
"In this bustling, impersonal, in-your-face, bus-lane ridden world, finding a soul mate is not easy if you are not the kind of person who sits easily on a stool in a singles bar, recycling chat-up lines" - Sir Terry Wogan, pictured "I didn't make a contestant cry on Masterchef.
While working there, John met his cherished wife and soul mate, also a city worker, Theresa Perrone.
She wanted a soul mate, and she said he wasn't fitting the bill.
"The Spiritual Girl's Guide to Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love, Sex, & Soul Mates" is a sage read from Amy Leigh Mercee who advises readers on how to find that soul mate out there with a bit of soul behind him.
Stepping back a bit, Kelly found and married his soul mate, Barbara, early in life and began a family during hard times.
The wife of a British soldier who died in hospital after being injured in Afghanistan says she has lost her "true soul mate".
THE wife of a Royal Marine killed in Afghanistan paid tribute to her perfect soul mate yesterday and said: "Life will never be the same again."
The only item remaining now is finding the man of her dreams; a soul mate, lover, and possible husband, by the end of the year.