soul mate

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someone for whom you have a deep affinity

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Rob is Kristen's best friend and according to her, he is her soul mate.
Is there one true soul mate out there just for you?
And the plot thickens when a twist in the end leaves the reader wondering whether finding one's soul mate is really possible.
The girlfriend of a pot-holer who died in an accident nearly 500ft underground today paid tribute to her soul mate.
Have you ever wondered what a soul mate is, how many kinds are there or if you have one?
Orbach, through Project SingOlim, seeks to prove that there is no need to "compromise" on Aliyah in order to find one's soul mate.
Heartbroken Shirley Bassey has scrapped two concerts after splitting from the man she thought was her soul mate.
In sometimes overlapping flashback scenes, Baras (and occasionally a double from the corps) played Pineda as she dealt with the men in her life: her young lover, Fernando (Miguel Canas); Don Pedro de Sotomayor, the rebel soul mate she protected (the excellent Jose Serrano); and her inquisitor, Pedrosa (Luis Ortega).
Twin Souls uncovers the secrets behind our deepest desires for finding our soul mate and reveals how fulfillment of the heart's longing is crucial in the soul's evolution toward reuniting with God.
I remember talking into the wee hours of the night with teenage girl friends at slumber parties about how we would know our soul mate when we met him.
She'll meet her soul mate when she least expects it, and he's slightly younger.
Margaret finds a soul mate in Ruth, who before dying declares in a note that her family country house, Howards End, should go to Margaret.
Midway's immersive videogame puts the player in the "tap shoes" of Mumble, a young penguin born into a nation of singing Emperor penguins where each needs a Heartsong to attract a soul mate.
With that kind of familial pressure, who can blame me for thinking my soul mate is going to step out of the clouds or off the silver screen?