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food traditionally eaten by African-Americans in the South

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The prosecution led by Toby Hedworth told Belfast Crown Court: "The following lunchtime in the Soul Food cafe the ranks had been closed.
He set up the Soul Food Project in May 2010 with Matthew Beck and Alex Morrall.
If anyone or any business would like to help by donating turkeys to the Soul Food Cafe, can contact Jody Gatchell at 501.
THE ORGANIZATION OF Miller's Soul Food is ingenious: a tour of the average soul-food menu, resulting in the assembly of a classic meal--from fried chicken and greens to banana pudding and peach cobbler.
Finally, the relationship between soul food, the ritual of the barbershop, and the possible influences on health practices and outcomes encourages transformation and self-healing that transgresses the politics of health disparities.
The American R and B artist is enthusiastic about creating the culinary guide of soul food recipes and is quite positive about its popularity.
Lee was best known for Papa's Soul Food Kitchen & Blues Joint, which he opened at Blair Boulevard and Fourth Avenue in 2006.
Oakland-based chef Bryant Terry has turned the notion of soul food on its head with his new cookbook, Vegan Soul Kitchen.
The idea of vegan soul food might sound oxymoronic at first, or maybe even just plain moronic.
Libraries usually have relatively few vegan cookbooks to choose from so it's refreshing to see VEGAN SOUL KITCHEN, mixing vegan dishes with soul food.
Soul food is only as good as the cook and the ingredients used in its preparation.
Shirley Murdock delivers a delightfully energetic and spiritually tasty set with SOUL FOOD (Tyscot), on which she serves up delectable gems such as "The F.
I expected to see the stereotypical positions--second in command at a hotel or doing soul food.
Deep-dish pizza laced with foie gras, hot dogs smothered in the substance, which is made from the fattened livers of ducks and geese, and Southern soul food with an added illicit French twist were all on offer in the city yesterday.