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an open-air market in an Arabian city

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The souk, which will bear a striking resemblance to Doha's own Souk Waqif, will be set in one of Tokyo's most bustling areas, and is expected to attract thousands who will be able to discover more about Qatar.
Says Amit Gupta, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Aerens Gold Souk International Ltd.
Souk Jara highlights the area's cultural value and captures Amman's rich historical background and its contemporary, youthful character," commented Ihab Hinnawi, CEO of Umniah
He noted that the Archeology Directorate submitted a proposal for tourist investment of the Souk, which has capacity to host traditional jewelry shops and handicrafts such as earthenware, straw and glass.
HM the King also laid foundation stone for the building of a student house in Thar Souk commune, with a capacity of 80 people, worth 2.
I hoped to see a different festival similar to international events that are widely attended, just like in the past the Arab poets used to travel to this Souk on an annual basis to enjoy Al-Muallakat, the language, the richness and the dexterity.
Through this 4-day event, we ensure that visiting The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri will be a memorable experience for everyone -- from tourists and expatriates experiencing Eid for the first time, to Muslim families gathering to celebrate this joyous event.
The Civil Defense Police personnel controlled the fire before it crept to nearby souks," said Ansari, adding the Haraj souk is one where used garments and woodworks are sold.
There will be a bus every 15 minutes, and the trip from Taif to Okaz Souk takes about 45 minutes.
But while Souk now lives a quiet life, he nearly lost his fight for life just after being rescued by his owner.
Home to the longest covered souk in the Middle East, its kilometres of stone archways act as the city's commercial arteries, where hundreds of merchants sell everything from spices to hand-woven tapestries.
His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTH, Head of the Supervising Committee of Souk Okaz, has recently approved the awards and competitions of the 11th session of Souk Okaz 1438H (2017).
Ouvert voici un peu plus de 3 mois, Le [beaucoup moins que] Souk [beaucoup plus grand que] est une boutique unique a Manhattan Beach, a Los Angeles qui expose les produits des artisans tunisiens.
We would like to welcome residents and tourists to the traditional Manama Souk during the month of Ramadan and we have decided to add some traditional Ramadan flavor to the souk's ambience," said the CEO of BETA, Shaikh Khalid bin Humood Al Khalifa.