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a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

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Indeed, no less an oracle than FIFA's official website records his popularity on Merseyside, noting how the soubriquet of Amo-Taxi was earned 'for his bustling style of play'.
He performed in jazz bands and it was a fellow musician who inspired his famous soubriquet when he wore a black and yellow jersey, saying he looked like a bee.
Pottery appreciation was largely in the hands of a small upper-class clique who endowed skilful potters with a soubriquet of 'noble craftsmen', provided they followed a conventional route of Anglo-Orientalism hammered out by Bernard Leach.
Although he goes by any number of other names, that soubriquet is the name by which he is known, both to the authorities and to the mafia members who variously employed him, betrayed him, and then became his victims.
The title of the book was a soubriquet applied by Sydney's tabloids to a man who kept getting into the news for shady practice.
Little wonder that she's earned the soubriquet Britain's Most Popular Soprano and there's little doubt that Lesley has thoroughly enjoyed all the twists and turns her career has taken.
When Hearn sends The Power, Jackpot, The Machine, Barney and his soubriquet army on stage at Ally Pally, he delivers Sky Sports' biggest ratings outside Premier League football.
Winner Power Pack Jack (right) and Soubriquet take a fence on the first circuit
It went on to sell what was then a staggering four million copies, earning Redding his soubriquet King of Soul.
Theatre Catalog [Published initially in 1939 as "Exhibitor Catalog," it assumed the soubriquet "Theatre Catalog" the following year.
Amakudari was authoritatively described in English as far back as 1974 by Chalmers Johnson and is part of a peculiar industry-bureaucracy nexus that long ago gave rise to the soubriquet "Japan Inc.
This was wonderful training in academic versatility and earned Jo-Marie the soubriquet (from the late Professor Smuts) of 'Juvenal's Greekling': prepared to fly, if told to do so.
What earns the soubriquet of 'significance'--explanation, apprehension of original meaning, or just subjective fulfilment?
That nickname has now been shortened to The 'Orns (which sounds vaguely obscene but will no doubt pull in some floating fans from Nuneaton or Bed'urth) but it seems that they have also acquired a second soubriquet - The Golden Boys.
This soubriquet was very fitting, as they are indeed the native peoples of the land now referred to as the United States of America.