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a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

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It went on to sell what was then a staggering four million copies, earning Redding his soubriquet King of Soul.
Its Franchisee network has earned it the soubriquet of 'McDonalds of the Training sector', by Far Eastern Economic Review.
That nickname has now been shortened to The 'Orns (which sounds vaguely obscene but will no doubt pull in some floating fans from Nuneaton or Bed'urth) but it seems that they have also acquired a second soubriquet - The Golden Boys.
This soubriquet was very fitting, as they are indeed the native peoples of the land now referred to as the United States of America.
The four giving the reading are founder members of the group that started in December, 1993, helping to give Huddersfield the soubriquet 'Poetry Capital of the Nor th'.
Crisp' is perhaps an overused architectural soubriquet, but the buildings are just that; crisp, simple and sober, with walls of oatmeal coloured brick and pre-weathered titanium zinc roofs.
Any broadcaster whose listings include Come Dine With Me can't quite merit the soubriquet of "cutting edge".
But in 1768 he moved to Liverpool, where he acquired his 'of Derby' soubriquet to distinguish him from Richard Wright, another painter already at work in the city.
So can we recognise Gazza's attempts to claim G8 as his new soubriquet as the latest in a long line of publicity stunts, and not some evangelical reinvention and bid to bury the past?
The flight crew assigned to carry out the run over Hiroshima gave the weapon that would ultimately kill 130,000 people the soubriquet "Little Boy" (perhaps because it was a lesser device of simpler design than "Fat Man," the bomb dropped on Nagasaki three days later).
Responding to fears expressed by his Turkish hosts over the "Christian Club" soubriquet attached by some to the European Union, Pat Cox insisted that the European Union's doors are open to all countries that meet the Copenhagen criteria".
He was Chief of Staff Northern Command during 1961, during this time he picked up the soubriquet "Marco Polo" in recognition of his penchant for frequent travel to the far reaches of the Command, which besides Queensland included Papua and New Guinea, reaching to the equator.
A few days later, many more would know this assault by the dark soubriquet "MyDoom.
Her soubriquet was not La Divina (Callas) or La Stupenda (Sutherland), but simply Bubbles (a family nickname).