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a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

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Pottery appreciation was largely in the hands of a small upper-class clique who endowed skilful potters with a soubriquet of 'noble craftsmen', provided they followed a conventional route of Anglo-Orientalism hammered out by Bernard Leach.
The title of the book was a soubriquet applied by Sydney's tabloids to a man who kept getting into the news for shady practice.
Little wonder that she's earned the soubriquet Britain's Most Popular Soprano and there's little doubt that Lesley has thoroughly enjoyed all the twists and turns her career has taken.
Since the Muslims tended to vote for any party or candidate capable of defeating the pro-Hindu BJP, the Samajwadi Party invariably benefited from it with the Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav earning the soubriquet of Maulana Singh Yadav due to his pro-Muslim stance.
When Hearn sends The Power, Jackpot, The Machine, Barney and his soubriquet army on stage at Ally Pally, he delivers Sky Sports' biggest ratings outside Premier League football.
Winner Power Pack Jack (right) and Soubriquet take a fence on the first circuit
It went on to sell what was then a staggering four million copies, earning Redding his soubriquet King of Soul.
PERTH: 2.10 Glimmer Star, 2.40 Loch Dhu, 3.10 Lewlaur Supreme, 3.40 Soubriquet, 4.10 Golden View, 4.40 Laybach, 5.10 Jive Master.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Glimmer Star, 2.40 Loch Dhu, 3.10 Lewlaur Supreme, 3.40 Soubriquet, 4.10 Golden View, 4.40 Laybach, 5.10 Jive Master.
Its Franchisee network has earned it the soubriquet of 'McDonalds of the Training sector', by Far Eastern Economic Review.
The four giving the reading are founder members of the group that started in December, 1993, helping to give Huddersfield the soubriquet 'Poetry Capital of the Nor th'.
'Crisp' is perhaps an overused architectural soubriquet, but the buildings are just that; crisp, simple and sober, with walls of oatmeal coloured brick and pre-weathered titanium zinc roofs.
Any broadcaster whose listings include Come Dine With Me can't quite merit the soubriquet of "cutting edge".
Of course Richards addresses the origin of Mary's bloody soubriquet: the burnings of Protestants during the final years of Mary's reign.
But in 1768 he moved to Liverpool, where he acquired his 'of Derby' soubriquet to distinguish him from Richard Wright, another painter already at work in the city.