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Synonyms for sou'wester

a strong wind from the southwest

waterproof hat with wide slanting brim longer in back than in front

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Eventually Sharon and Ruby donned false beards, hats, sou'westers and raincoats, and sallied off to a coffee shop to chat.
But while the front row at this gig should probably don their macs and sou'westers - honestly, the man's a fountain - I dare say the rest of you will be laughing too hard to care about copping a little bit of spray.
But I have always gone armed with wellies and sou'westers, thick pullies and huge amounts of pounds sterling.
LOOK out the sou'westers, the wellies, and the umbrellas, you're going to need 'em.
With the rain coming down in stair-rods, Mancunian and Liverpudlian holidaymakers stoically don their wellies and their sou'westers to make the best of their Welsh break.
Not just the spittery-spat rain you get in Barry Island most days either: the kind of torrential, tropical downpour that soaks you in seconds and has perma-tanned weathermen on the local news channel wearing comedy sou'westers.
Some 150 people, including many of Birmingham's so-called glitterati, brought picnics, tables, chairs, candelabras, sou'westers and plenty of fizz and basked in the evening sunshine listening to steel band Pandemonium, the Royal Spa Brass Band and the highly athletic and entertaining Doctor Teeth Big Band - who apparently got everyone dancing, after a fashion.
So sweatshirts and sou'westers are hardly top of the packing list when you head for the land of Baywatch and the Beach Boys.
If don't carry brolly it will pour while everyone else smirks under their oilskin sou'westers.
He gamely does his best to muck in with fisherman Joe, but he would have been slightly more convincing if he didn't think that sou'westers came in pairs.
But while the front row at such an intimate venue as this should probably don their macs and sou'westers for this work-in-progress gig - honestly, the man's a fountain - I dare say the rest of you will be laughing too hard to care about copping a little bit of spray.
but any chance of free sou'westers and wellies now?
But, in the early days, advising people on whether to step out in their sou'westers and galoshes or risk shirt-sleeves and a naked head, was not quite the passport to celebrity that it is now.
In the meantime, any Vale resolutions should definitely involve buying wellies, bright yellow sou'westers and big inflatable boats - ship ahoy, me hearties.
But while there was precious little on show to bring back the odd rugby union aficionado who wandered into Twickenham out of curiosity it should be noted that Saturday was a night for sou'westers and sailors in west-London.