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a former French coin of low denomination

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In such times as we had before these vile republicans drove all the strangers from Paris, and when our commerce was good," she said, "I might have offered seven francs and a half for that thimble; but, as things are now, the last sou I can think of giving is five francs.
The purse was emptied, and the reticule rummaged, the whole amounting to just twenty-eight francs seven sous.
Her husband must take her as she is: I can't give her a sou.
The worthy man told him how, at one period, he and his daughter had supported existence, comfortably upon the sum of fifteen sous per diem; recently, having succeeded in hauling ashore the last floating fragments of the wreck of his fortune, his budget had been a trifle more ample.
He received thirty sous per day, and for a month he returned to his lodgings gay as a chaffinch, and affable toward his master.
Genestas went on, "when you bring up children for a livelihood and wash and feed them on two sous a day?
Then, thinking that the laborer is worthy of his hire, he drew a few sous from his waistcoat pocket, and held them out to the child, who looked astonished at this, opened his eyes very wide, and stayed on, without thanking him, to watch what the stranger would do next.
5 million check was signed by SOU, but he didn't know if the entire amount came from the university, or if the contractors and subcontractors contributed to the total.
Sou, of Cassley Road, Speke, was locked up for eight years at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday.
The revision follows the university's recent decision to remove a 20-year-old woman with Down syndrome from an SOU art class.
An A-mode SOU was not performed because of the patient's lack of cooperation.
But Alec Sou hopes the Aloun Farms brand will one day be as recognizable as Dole and Dei Monte.
UO Provost Jim Bean said allowing students who qualify for admission at the UO to start college at SOU would address the sharp growth in applications to the Eugene campus that is taxing classrooms and the faculty.
This partnership with SOU allows PRS to apply its expertise in preparing professionals to meet future demand.