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in an undertone

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En la novela Despues del invierno, ganadora del Premio Herralde en 2014, sus capitulos, ademas de relacionarse entre si pueden leerse como relatos independientes, lo cual tiene, entre tantas, dos vertientes: una novela segmentada capitularmente en sus registros; asimismo se advierte como la tendencia de Nettel a sumergir a sus personajes a una confrontacion natural (como una suerte de terapia a sotto voce y un terapeuta distante).
And her craziest idea: Gibbs, she said one day in her trademark sotto voce, why don't you write about our elections from a theater perspective?
Singing mostly sotto voce, her strong acting chops helped sell her character for all she's worth, aided by sympathetic sidekicks Dr.
Actualites Eecrit par Mohammed Bakrim Sotto voce de Kamal Kamal S otto voce est le troisieme long metrage de Kamal Kamal.
As the SNP's cohort of 56 MPs demands a better deal for Scotland at Westminster, Wales is likely to remain sotto voce and the poor cousin.
Anyone who watches television has seen commercials for wonder drugs for all sorts of ailments, even quitting smoking, with concluding small print and sotto voce recital of horrendous possible side effects.
Alexandra Auckland is a voice interaction design and tuning consultant at Sotto Voce Consulting.
These paintings respond to the writings of Thomas Merton and pay sotto voce homage to colour field painters such as Josef Albers, Ellsworth Kelly and Sean Scully.
In his sinuous new play Sotto Voce, Nilo Cruz (Anna in the Tropics, Two Sisters and a Piano) J mines a lesser known real-life boat ride from 1939: the passage of the MS St.
Only occasionally did some Yiddish word slip in, and it was always well-camouflaged, either appearing as pigeon-German or tossed off sotto voce in some rapid-fire dialog.
Now we're used to it, we make sure we've got our bags before we set off and feel guilty if we have to ask, sotto voce, for "a 5p bag please".
Say it sotto voce, since anyone who raises even an eyebrow over any aspect of Champions Day is dispatched to the doghouse, but Frankel stands alone in flying the flag.
Cabana Las Lilas in Puerto Madero, as well as Sotto Voce, are other favorites.
The other day Nick "Calamity" Clegg said, sotto voce (or so he thought) to the Prime Minister: "If we keep doing this, we won't find anything to b*** disagree on in the b*** TV debates.
It was Chelsea's sixth consecutive penalty shoot-out defeat, and Ancelotti sang an increasingly desperate song, sotto voce.