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in an undertone

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Say it sotto voce, since anyone who raises even an eyebrow over any aspect of Champions Day is dispatched to the doghouse, but Frankel stands alone in flying the flag.
Added to which, there was a vividness and a shimmering intensity to the Phil's reading of Stravinsky's inaugural work for the Ballet Russes; a rumbling, sotto voce opening with the basses playing grandmother's footsteps, and a weightlessness to the swooping flight of massed strings - replicated by Petrenko's balletic movements on the box.
Cabana Las Lilas in Puerto Madero, as well as Sotto Voce, are other favorites.
This is a whole, though one without a here, without a now--or just a now, a nunc stans in which nothing else stands, not even someone to say, if only sotto voce, "at last.
In any event, what I propose to help alleviate the inevitable parade of half-clothed lawyers muttering sotto voce aphorisms, potentially implicating our hypothetical Fourth Amendment, is some sort of photographic identification card optionally made available to members of the Bar of the respective court, at their expense, to ensure a smooth transition for the other officers of the court not fortunate enough to be employed by the Department of Justice, the United States Coast Guard, or the basement cafeteria.
The other day Nick "Calamity" Clegg said, sotto voce (or so he thought) to the Prime Minister: "If we keep doing this, we won't find anything to b*** disagree on in the b*** TV debates.
There was nothing sotto voce about Taylor, including her own high-pitched voce.
In sotto voce, the choir sang about the revolution, and about the youth and participants, referencing everything from Facebook to the state media that in the initial days of the revolution referred to the protesters as hooligans.
It was Chelsea's sixth consecutive penalty shoot-out defeat, and Ancelotti sang an increasingly desperate song, sotto voce.
There is, for example, rigorous feminist scholarship that has been recognized as helpful and legitimate, but it is sotto voce here even in texts that invite it and on which extensive work has been done.
That announcement was made sotto voce as part of the SEC's endorsement of the FASB's new Accounting Standards Codification[TM], which reorganizes the thousands of U.
Seminarians of a previous era were often instructed to say Mass sotto voce (Italian: 'under voice'), that is, in low voice (not low in volume, but 'low in profile'), because there was a real appreciation for the opus operatum of the entire liturgy, and a corresponding appreciation for the minister's duty to become less and less ostentatious, after the manner of John the Baptist's "He must increase; I must decrease" (In 3, 30).
I am sure glad I don't have their health care," one lawyer representing a Dallas-area merchant said sotto voce.
The Americans of course are being stupid and sotto voce are muttering capitulation but for once we should ignore their signals of distress.
He is also prepared to deliver achingly personal sentiments sotto voce, quiet, plaintive and in a sweet falsetto.