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given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol

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Ali names it in a sottish tribe; he births it to sanitise Manila.
As an act of sheer panic a few weeks ago when they thought that the "Yes" campaign would win the Sottish Referendum the leaders of three English Parties, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg pledged to continue with the Barnet Formula.
SIR - In the days before the Sottish referendum I told your ex-editor John Humphries and others that the Scottish result would be 55%:45% for the No vote.
The Evacuation of Children in Wartime Scotland: Culture, Behaviour and Poverty" in the Journal of Sottish Historical Studies 26.
But rank, distinction pre- eminence [sic], no man despises, unless he is either raised very much above, or sunk very much below, the ordinary standard of human nature; unless he is either so confirmed in wisdom and real philosophy, as to be satisfied that, while the propriety of his conduct renders him the just object of approbation, it is of little consequence though he be neither attended to, nor approved of; or so habituated to the idea of his own meanness, so sunk in slothful and sottish indifference, as entirely to have forgot the desire, and almost the very wish, for superiority" ([1759] 1976, 57).
Grammy-award winning Sottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris has spent the summer topping the charts and headlining some of the world's biggest festivals, including Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago.
They are said to be sheepishly sottish in their healthing, when wine takes away all manly courage from their hearts, melting them into such Effeminacy .
Ealier this month he said: "It would be great for Aberdeen and Sottish football if McGinn stayed but we have to be realistic.
Look over the whole history of its degradation and find what odious vice, what sottish and debasing enormity the degenerate naughtiness of man has never crouched unto and adored?
Let them call me rebel, and welcome; I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul, by swearing allegiance to one whose character is that of a sottish, stupid, stubborn, worthless, brutish man.
I'm keeping my company open just to pay salaries, but not to make profit because that's not going to happen anytime soon," he told , while touring Cairo's Tahrir Square along with his Sottish wife, Eileen.
The second chosen example is in the character traits of Corvinus, a sottish, coarse, brutal, dissolute, and dissipated man with a certain amount of animal courage and strength.
15) Similarly, Henry Cuffe, in The Differences of the Ages of Mans Life (1607), states confidently that "children that are too ripe witted in their childhood are for the most part either shortest lived, or else toward their old age most sottish, according to our Proverbe, Soone ripe, soone rotten.
In the Senedd, Plaid heritage minister Alun Ffred Jones said the First Minister had already discussed the issue with his Sottish counterpart in Scotland.
He has already been up in Scotland, where the Sottish Ballet has been performing some of his work, and his Wales Millennium Centre show is just one date of a tour taking in London, Sheffield, Glasgow and Northampton before moving on to Denmark.