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the branch of Christian theology that deals with salvation as the effect of a divine agency

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Building upon the notion that humanity's God-given telos is integral to an understanding of how humans thrive, this paper presents an understanding of how the doctrines of Christology and soteriology may provide resources for further identifying this telos.
Further, he asserts that with the upward social mobility of a burgeoning black middle class and upper class, which usually comprises theologians and preachers, there is a danger of holding a soteriology that clearly privileges "the slavery of sin" over "the sin of slavery.
With scant scholarship having been done on the topic of soteriology, the edited volume is a welcome addition to the academic literature.
For lack of more tradition-neutral religious vocabulary to employ, then, I have framed this epistemology in the fairly generic terms of soteriology, engagement, and ultimate reality.
In addition to this overarching theme, Dodds discusses an impressive number of related issues, from the debate over Calvinist soteriology to the origins of Latitudinarianism and Arminianism.
In addition to giving us a new way to understand the well-documented distinctiveness of Blake's religious message, the Perennial paradigm shows Blake's soteriology in Jerusalem to be utopian rather than salvationist (that is to say, individual-religious as opposed to collective-political).
Called forth in one chapter, moreover, is a Bunyan whose soteriology takes a paradoxical departure from conversionary possibilities attendant upon the sexual punning of"bawdy" wordplay, while in another there emerges an "antinomian" Bunyan who, careful to distinguish his own praxis from that of law-renouncing libertines, formulates a soteriology centered in theological discrimination of law and grace, of punitive bondage and merciful liberty.
Abstract: This essay offers a critique of the traditional Reformation doctrine of salvation by grace through faith alone (sola fide) by examining the soteriology of Balthasar Hubmaier.
Das Buch Le Grand, with its echoes of Christian soteriology, Napoleon as a figure of hieratic wholeness in a fragmented and epigonal age.
This well-focused study provides a comparative analysis of the soteriology of the Dutch theologian Jacobus Arminius (ca.
From recent papal pronouncements on religious diversity, soteriology and liturgy to the inane "guidance" of the bishops' conference, the trend is away from reasonable, compelling argumentation toward breathtaking assertions, some of which have been widely ignored or discredited for years (birth control, closeted gays and so on).
More interestingly, he maintains that the theological tensions between moral theory and soteriology are addressed in literary works by Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, John Donne, George Herbert, and John Milton.
Williams (like Augustine's original premise) is clear in that soteriology and redemptive activity pertain to the invisible church and should not be enforced upon the civil realm.
Issues of soteriology and the order of salvation generate a rich diversity of theological speculation, formulation and debate.
1) in the primitive Palestinian Church, considering both their soteriology and their Semitic mind-set, there was no misunderstanding that had to be avoided by employing the formula 'pro omnibus.