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the branch of Christian theology that deals with salvation as the effect of a divine agency

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to retrieve the deep soteriological valence of a term too often privatized, spiritualized, or reduced to ethics.
Some ministers encourage believers to be baptized immediately or as soon as possible, since they believe there is some soteriological urgency at stake, but other ministers encourage believers to be baptized in a communal setting during the assembly.
But as I have shown, the current project of European integration, initiated by Pan Europe manifesto in the twenties of the last century as an philosophical-political alternative centered on the individual, personality and freedom ideas has a striking table normative component, for both theoretical and ideological initiatives are under the sign of moral imperative, namely the soteriological peaceful shade.
Freidenreich reframes the ongoing soteriological discussion by turning to the analogous question of sharing food with non-Muslims and how it was treated by medieval jurists.
Nevertheless, recognizing Auerbach's hesitance to affirm the procedures of the allegorical readings of Origen of Alexandria, the paragon of ancient Christian allegorical interpretation, I turn to Origen's theology and his second homily on Genesis to explore how his reading strategies depend on a picture of scriptural soteriological efficacy, bringing the ancient writings to bear on the contemporary ecclesial formation of the Christian reader.
At stake for Cornelius is not his spiritual life or even his soteriological standing with God.
Second, it is clear from the introduction, which addresses the organizational and intellectual aspects of religion rather than the supernatural or soteriological, that the emphasis will be on the interaction between religion and politics at the top levels of society.
Streete proposes to examine the English soteriological anxieties and self-questionings that arose from this spiritual difficulty as they were manifested in the tragic drama of the period.
Medieval commentators saw Christ as the subject of the scriptures and emphasized the soteriological theme; thus this was not a Reformation discovery.
As the great revivals of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries shifted soteriological language toward personal salvation, they similarly altered Baptist understanding and articulation of baptismal theology in America.
Such questions lead us directly into soteriological reflection, and in these pages George Murphy directs our attention to what are often called "theories of the atonement.
6) Thus, the role that the spirit plays in the soteriological process is initially an inward one.
Bergmann's analysis of this often conflictual relationship of word and image is turned towards an attempt to develop an effective theology for art based upon a soteriological and liberation theology agenda, as its subtitle suggests.