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a spore-producing structure in certain lichens and fungi

cluster of sporangia usually on underside of a fern frond

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The stalk and sorus also play important roles in the amoeba farms.
Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL) is a particularly good example, eIFL was formed in 1999 as a joint project of the Sorus Foundation's Open Society Institute and EBSCO publishing, with the aim of fostering library consortia and e-content services in countries with limited online information infrastructure, eIFL has developed into an independent consortium providing e-content services in forty developing countries, particularly in Eastern Europe and Africa (Electronic Information for Libraries, n.
Following the work of Good (1981), sporangial maturation within a sorus is interpreted as simultaneous rather than gradate, as interpreted earlier (Holmes, 1981).
June is probably the least opportunistic Sorus," Cohen explained.
But even the runner up, George Sorus, he noted, bid $164 million and didn't have a user.
As announced yesterday, the Company has entered into an agreement in principle with a consortium of investors led by Sorus Fund Management LLC to invest US$ 25 Million in Nexus.