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a spore-producing structure in certain lichens and fungi

cluster of sporangia usually on underside of a fern frond

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The stalk and sorus also play important roles in the amoeba farms.
sorus A reproductive structure in certain amoebas, fungi and lichens.
Each sorus may be covered with a membrane-like protective layer called the indusium.
The sporangia within each sorus produce spores that germinate and develop into a prothallus, which grows into a heart-shaped gametophyte.
1); globose to cylindrical: 3-5 mm long; a single sorus with one central columella of host tissue and a longitudinally rupturing peridium (Fig.
Sorus as whip-shaped, elongated main axis; infected plants sterile; whip often more than 1 m long, the diameter decreasing from ca.
Mature spores are released en masse as the tip of the sorus erodes so that sudden decreases in sorus area on a plant reflect pulses in spore release.
The larval period lasts three to four weeks after which pupation occurs in the sorus.
June is probably the least opportunistic Sorus," Cohen explained.
But even the runner up, George Sorus, he noted, bid $164 million and didn't have a user.
As announced yesterday, the Company has entered into an agreement in principle with a consortium of investors led by Sorus Fund Management LLC to invest US$ 25 Million in Nexus.
sorus (sori)--Region where sporangia are clustered on reproductive fern fronds.
We estimated sorus area in Pterygophora in the same way except that we measured all sori since individuals rarely had [greater than] 10 sorus-bearing sporophylls.
appalachianum are often uniformly golden brown (sometimes weakly bicolored), the leaves are often larger and widest near the base ( but not always), the spores are less than 52[micro]m, and there are usually more than 40 sporangiasters per sorus.