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an operation that segregates items into groups according to a specified criterion


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grouping by class or kind or size

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However, if one of the seven channels is used for re-sorting, the sorting capacity of each of the remaining six channels is increased in the standard application to eight tonnes of grain per hour.
Liu Bian said, "Currently, our first Chinese cherry sorting machine with independent intellectual property rights has finished the testing process.
The sort method used in this article doesn't allowing sorting by color or by icon.
Commenting on the brand unification, head of Tomra Sorting Food, Ashley Hunter, says, This final and complete adoption of the Tomra brand simultaneously marks the successful end of a journey and the start of an exciting new era.
Basically, automated sorting technology processes information with a computer and sorts materials with pneumatic air knives.
Sort-to-Grade allows the sorter to control the quality of its output to a defined grade, objectively sorting by count in real-time with 100 percent inspection.
TOMRA Sorting AS, a subsidiary of Norway's Tomra Systems ASA and a pioneer in sensor-based sorting, acquired Ireland's Odenberg last year, and Belgium's BEST Sorting this past June.
Companies looking for trends, efficiencies and other competitive advantages have turned to the kind of heavy duty data sorting that requires the hardware muscle typical of data centres.
Lumber sorting before drying is a very common practice in the lumber manufacturing industry, since it creates groups of lumber with similar "dry-ability" characteristics.
Redox Technologies has developed sorting system technology for material recovery facilities and has capabilities in construction and demolition debris, among other areas.
The Downtown Diversion mixed C&D facility (profiled in the March-April 2005 issue of C&DR), accepts a wide variety of material that is entered into a sorting system largely supplied by Lubo USA, Stamford, Conn.
The 25-member team, comprised of brokers and staff from Studley's Midtown New York and New Jersey offices in Iselin and Rochelle Park, made sorting history on January 11th from 3 p.
Asecond lamb sorting trial has reinforced the principle that sorting lambs prior to sale can bring financial benefits to farmers.
The purpose of the following two case studies is to illustrate the multiple purposes of a word sorting technique.