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Synonyms for sortie

Synonyms for sortie

a military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position

(military) an operational flight by a single aircraft (as in a military operation)

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The Russian Defense Ministry said in its weekly infographics published by the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper that the country's air force carried out over 360 combat sorties over the past week and destroyed more than 650 facilities of international terrorist groups across Syria.
4 and our 3,000th sortie is important because it highlights how fast the program at large is moving forward and how locally we are generating sorties at a very high ratewith only 22 aircraft assigned, Miles said.
After the meeting, Duterte had to prepare for another series of campaign sorties in Masbate on Saturday.
A military source told SANA Tuesday that the sorties resulted in destroying positions and vehicles of ISIS terrorists, and killing of a number of ISIS terrorists.
Devant l'une des commissions de l'ARP qui le questionnait mardi 9 fevrier sur la dette, le gouverneur de la BCT, Chedly Ayari a indique que la prochaine sortie de la Tunisie sur les marches financiers internationaux, portera sur un credit d'un milliard d'euros, et se fera en obligataire et [beaucoup moins que]sans bequilles[beaucoup plus grand que] en ce sens qu'il n'y aura que la seule garantie de l'Etat et avec un taux d'interet qui devrait depasser les 5,75 % qui avait ete celui de la sortie de janvier 2015 en USD.
He clarified that 5,500 sorties were undertaken since the campaign was launched, of which 2,000 were surveillance sorties, assuring that Jordan will persist till the annihilation of the terrorist gang.
En dehors de l'affiche qui orne une salle de cinema du centre-ville, aucune information n'a filtre sur les prochaines sorties.
Around 35 aircraft from the Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Norway and France will join crews from RAF Lakenheath and Mildenhall in carrying out around 40 sorties over UK airspace, as part of a Northern Europe wide exercise.
In back-to-back operational tours that included 5 years and 3 months actively flying "the Bone," I logged 224 sorties and an even 1,000 flight hours.
the 422nd flies one mission per day; however, each mission may actually be four sorties that also include adversaries, tankers, ground control intercept, and the maintenance support required to produce those sorties," he explained.
Bats aircrews logged 16,783 combat sorties and delivered nearly 86,000 tons of ordnance over four years in that combat theater.
This morning we're operating out of 16 expeditionary airfields and we're flying about 200 combat sorties a day.
Total power projection sorties 5,171 Total support sorties 2,770 Total overall sol ties 7,941 Percentage of total coalition power projection sorties 65 percent Percentage of total coalition support sorties 35 percent Average number of power projection sorties per day (34 days) 152 Average number of power projection sorties per week (4.
Flt Lt Tim Lindsay has faced anti-aircraft fire during each of his five combat sorties since the war began.