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arranged according to size

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arranged into groups


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This contract is a contract with a minimum quantity, with the aim of taking samples, sorting and analysis: - the waste deposit of households collected selectively at the entrance to the sorting centers over a given period of time (including decommissioned bins), - sorting refusals at the end of sorting operations, - sorted products, packaged or not, as they are made available to the recycling channels, - plastic products sorted in a mixture from collections with extension of the sorting instructions of plastics with analysis of resins (so-called "plastic resins"), - the deposit of waste collected in the context of "special" operations, - the lower calorific value (PCI) of the refusals resulting from the sorting of the selective collections.
Without carbon black, these seemingly "black" plastics perform like other plastics and can be effectively sorted by NIR sorters.
They sorted one trillion data records in 172 minutes - and did so using just a quarter of the computing resources of the other record holder.
At the laboratory level, Kozlik and Ward (1981) studied the dry-ability characteristics of sorted young-growth hemlock.
Although C&D wood has to be sorted to ensure that lead-based paint is not a factor, Griffing says that C&D debris has an advantage over forested wood.
Studley also had a group of 15 volunteers sort coats on January 10th, but because the group was a bit smaller, they selected not to compromise its coat-sorting pace by keeping track of the quantity sorted.
When sorted and sold separately the small number of red marked lambs did not incur any price penalties.
At the end of each word sort session, Sara was administered a probe containing the list of words that were sorted.
Develop and evaluate mechanical and automated recovered paper sorting systems to improve energy efficiency, increase sorting speed and volume, provide more consistency, and lower cost per sorted ton of processed fiber.
Simple sorting is viewed as a beginning type of grouping task in which the way objects are to be sorted is shown or told to the child, "give me all the blue tooth brushes".
Similar genes are sorted into groups, or clusters, that provide insights into gene interactions and thus help to explain underlying biological processes.
In response, they have instituted far reaching efforts to get the waste sorted before it reaches the curb.
IT HAS only taken one year for RU Sorted Ltd to make an impact on the Welsh publishing scene.
Some have higher values if they are sorted as furniture stock.