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arranged according to size

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arranged into groups


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The formula =S0RT(A3:B17) uses the default "sort by" and "sort order" settings; thus, the list is sorted in alphabetical order.
The funding will enable Manchester-based Sorted to accelerate the growth of its retail platform following the launch of its delivery tracking solution Sorted React.
The data propagate through the lines from left to right to produce the sorted multi-item vector on the outputs of the rightmost vertical line.
Without carbon black, these seemingly "black" plastics perform like other plastics and can be effectively sorted by NIR sorters.
Sorting each digit from the least significant to the most significant one will result in the sorted sequence after having processed all the sorting steps.
The performance tests sorted sequences of 32-bit words key-value pairs, this length being suitable for building irregular data structures and sorting points.
They sorted one trillion data records in 172 minutes - and did so using just a quarter of the computing resources of the other record holder.
At the laboratory level, Kozlik and Ward (1981) studied the dry-ability characteristics of sorted young-growth hemlock.
One was for his round, but the other three were not - and one for round 17 was sorted by Flowers into the post for his round.
2 : [sup.1]search 1 <He sorted through a stack of papers.>
Mixed C&D recyclers may also be striving to produce marketable old corrugated containers (OCC) and other grades of paper; plastic scrap; a clean gypsum product; metals sorted into ferrous and nonferrous streams; and a "fines" (the fraction of smallest particles) product that may be suitable for either alternative daily cover (ADC) at a landfill or perhaps upgraded to another use, such as for creating berms and other land-shaping goals.
Wilcox said that between 7% and 9% of total weight of fruit coming in from the field is now being sorted out by Le Trieur.
Volunteers from Studley sorted five-coat bundles into 2525 bags, 500 more bags that normally sorted by a team that size, according to Jennifer Gonzales of New York Cares.
During the recent Cockermouth project BRP staff sorted lambs into four categories which were sold through the ring as usual and compared to the average price for non-sorted sheep sold that same day at Cockermouth.
After the sort was completed, Sara was asked to read the sorted words.