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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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Pitney Bowes is proud to partner with the Croatian Post to deliver world-class sortation solutions that will provide the efficiency and accuracy required to expand their operations and deliver greater value to their customers, said Grant Miller, President of Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies.
As Trebilcock reports, the solution consists of a new conveyor and sortation system feeding a light-directed putwall that's proving to be highly efficient and cost-effective in the sorting and packing area.
By all accounts, pouch sortation, which is more common in Europe, was not the first choice, and probably wasn't on the initial list of potential technologies to solve the problem.
Red Ledge systems uses RFID and other forms of intelligence to optimise control of fully integrated production, WMS, advanced sortation and speed-labelling systems, increasing throughput.
The system pulls gaps between individual boxes and streamlines product as it moves into the sortation area.
With well-engineered dynamic product gapping and individual wheel bank timing, I've helped design and implement systems that exceed sortation rates of 65 cases per minute.
Witt, supported by Otto Group Logistics Systems, chose to be the user of this advanced sortation technology after Witt/Otto Group and FKI Logistex spent time working closely together, determining the systems' performance requirements.
The final sortation is done on a loading line, which serves 24 possible destinations, while out-of-gauge bags arriving from check-in are handled on a separate line.
The S3000CB cross-belt sorter provides accurate, high-speed transportation and sortation of items that present difficulties during traditional sorting, such as fragile products and hard-to-grip packages.
The S-3000CB cross-belt sorter provides accurate, high-speed transportation and sortation of items that present difficulties during traditional sortation, such as fragile products and hard-to-grip packages.
85" diameter transverse roller top belts are said to enhance tire manufacturing operations by reducing the load required to transfer product on and off a trench or sortation line conveyor by 8-10%.
With loose paper it is also easier to do a sortation to pull out more of the contaminants.
Meanwhile, the company's South Boston and Ardmore units are being enlarged and fitted with second sortation systems for handling packages.
FKI Logistex automation division, Cincinnati, offers the Boss Sorter Control Module specifically designed for high-speed sortation applications up to 600 feet a minute and more than 200 cartons a minute.
They allow a wide array of sortation devices to be used for automatic separation of different feed streams into single resins.