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Synonyms for sorrowing

sorrowful through loss or deprivation

References in classic literature ?
The love of this shall lead her on through temptation and through grief, and she shall be a spirit of joy and consolation to the sinful and the sorrowing."
The loving Elves brought her sweet dreams by night, and happy thoughts by day, and as she grew in childlike beauty, pure and patient amid poverty and sorrow, the sinful were rebuked, sorrowing hearts grew light, and the weak and selfish forgot their idle fears, when they saw her trustingly live on with none to aid or comfort her.
Devotion to the sorrows of Mary gave rise to the figure in Christian art of the Pieta, the sorrowing mother holding the Body of her Son.
"This woman, this mother, sorrowing, knows the opposition and rejection, the pain and persecution, the suffering and death of all those who will seek to be faithful to the Word of God made flesh....
It shone out in her as she held the Babe of Bethlehem in her arms, as she guided Him as a boy at home in Nazareth, as she drew His broken body to her sorrowing breast on Calvary.