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Synonyms for sorrowfulness

the state of being sad

a state of gloomy sorrow

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Gerard claimed '…it taketh away the sorrowfulness which cometh of melancholy and maketh a man merrie and glad'.
Persons high in accomplishment demands undergo satisfaction or sorrowfulness dependent on the recognizable outcomes of their endeavors (they distinguish themselves from others by their inclination to carry out at a higher degree than their peers).
As women living the sorrowfulness in our country, are delighted about the united voice of the Sudanese opposition against the dominance, oppression and injustice of the one-party system, and fully determined to bring down this regime so that the sun of freedom, democracy and peace rises.
The symptoms of asthenia syndrome include mental stress, loss of memory, sorrowfulness, and emotion unrest.
This song is especially moving because of the longing and sorrowfulness present in a series of chords in the long introduction.
My sorrowfulness knows no bounds and I can only pray that I haven't been banned from Fir Park.