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Synonyms for sorrowful

Synonyms for sorrowful

Antonyms for sorrowful

experiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially that associated with irreparable loss

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His laugh had not quite left him either, but it was like the echo of a joyful sound, and that is always sorrowful.
So saying, he arose and left them, crossed the road to the shrine, and there stood, waiting for the sorrowful knight to come near him.
Thou art indeed kind," said the Knight, "but methinks thou wilt find me but an ill-seeming and sorrowful guest.
Ay," said Little John in so sorrowful a voice that it might have drawn tears from the Dragon of Wentley.
In his condolence message, the Chief Minister extended his heartiest sympathies to the bereaved family and prayed eternal piece for departed soul as well as patience for sorrowful family to bear this loss with courage.
I am as sorrowful about Naqeebullah's [killing] as his parents, his brothers, his family, and every Pakistani.
HYDERABAD -- Hyderabad Chmaber of Commerce and Industry senior vice president Turab Ali Khuwaja has expressed deep concern on deteriorating municipal services of Hyderabad city and said that it was sorrowful that Hyderabad being 2nd.
According to details, sorrowful incident was occurred at Turbat check-post when terrorists opened heavy firing on the personnel that were performing duties at check-post.
Hereby, I extend my condolences over the sorrowful martyrdom of a group of courageous border guards, the innocent sons of the nation, by some armed outlaws," Zarif said.
I'm sure I'm far from the only person who knew him just through the medium of radio or television and yet feels as sorrowful as if an actual family member had departed this world.
Over the sorrowful news, father Ergin and mother NurgE-l Ecakycy felt fainted.
Dalkey Archive David Albahari's collection of twenty short stories detailing the experience of living as an immigrant are rife with intense beauty regardless of whether the ending is joyful or sorrowful.
Cameron at No 10: The Inside Story, tells how he practised his sorrowful address in the garden of his constituency home as the vote went on.
The inexplicable death of a clairvoyant leads the team into a world of devious charlatans capitalising on the grief of a sorrowful community.
The inexplicable death of a clairvoyant leads team into a world of devious charlatans capitalising on the grief of a sorrowful community.