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Synonyms for sorrowful

Synonyms for sorrowful

Antonyms for sorrowful

experiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially that associated with irreparable loss

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His laugh had not quite left him either, but it was like the echo of a joyful sound, and that is always sorrowful.
Bide ye here till I look into this matter." So saying, he arose and left them, crossed the road to the shrine, and there stood, waiting for the sorrowful knight to come near him.
"Thou art indeed kind," said the Knight, "but methinks thou wilt find me but an ill-seeming and sorrowful guest.
"Ay," said Little John in so sorrowful a voice that it might have drawn tears from the Dragon of Wentley.
He was laid to rest at Shuhda Qabristan in Yaseenabad in Karachi amid sorrowful atmosphere.
It wouldn't have needed to have been sent if some agitators hadn't rebelled against the EU, setting off this awful sorrowful saga.
The tension, drama and overall quality went up a few notches, as a sorrowful story reached its pretty satisfying (though we knew it could never be happy) ending.
'The power distribution companies must take effective measures to stop such sorrowful incidents,' he said.
'Please utter a short prayer for Lolo Eddie who is already in God's hands and for Tita Lilibeth, their family and loved ones during this sorrowful and sad time,' Escudero said in a separate tweet.
'It is sorrowful that drilling attempts at off the shore of Pakistan failed to trace oil or gas reserves.
There are sorrowful and joyful mystery moments in it as well.
In a brief statement on Sunday, Council of Governor's chairman Wycliffe Oparanya he was sorrowful about the death of Jonathan.
The resolution said that terrorist attack on Muslims inside a mosque in Christchurch is sorrowful and highly condemnable.
It is one of the most shocking and sorrowful news of the death of Begum Kalsoom Nawaz at a London Hospital.
THE Federal Government has been urged to stop unnecessarily aggravating the people of the South East for no reasons over the launch of Operation Python Dance III in the region, saying the operation has always left a very sorrowful and bloody trail of the blood of Igbo youth.