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Synonyms for sorry

Synonyms for sorry

expressing or inclined to express an apology

feeling or expressing regret for one's sins or misdeeds

disturbing because of failure to measure up to a standard or produce the desired results

Synonyms for sorry

feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone


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Perhaps the sorriest legacy of Ben-Gurion's political deal is widespread Israeli alienation from the beauty and wonder of Jewish tradition.
And the line of the day, uttered by Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield in the direction of Watkins: "You're about the sorriest public official I've ever been associated with.
lt;p>Today, one of the sorriest chapters in Silicon Valley business history has ended.
As a class we are in fact the sorriest cohort of masculine homo sapiens to ever walk the planet.
Romantic betrayals stack up against radical ones, with Jascha (Adam Rothenberg) ending up the sorriest point of the romantic quadrangle.
George Patton shared with the troops, Eubanks heard Patton say: "You old foot Soldiers is the sorriest you could be unless you win this war.
For far too long, this Dale Street building has cut the sorriest of sights - an empty and seemingly unloved and unwanted eyesore.
Yet David Bromberg slipped around, over and past any sort of cliche as he worked through a fantastic two-hour show Sunday at The Bull Run that found warmth and humor in some of the sorriest and lowdown characters a musician can sing about.
But that last-ditch rationalization has now become America's sorriest self-delusion in this tragedy.
BY THE TIME you read this, Fidel Castro may already be dead, taking with him to the grave one of the sorriest legacies in 20th century politics.
It is fitting that we go with both these women and find the light they shed on the sorriest of all places, our prisons.
Also among those to impress was James Anderson, whose loss of form over the past two years had become one of the sorriest sights in international cricket.
This has to be the sickest story of the week, especially for those who have traipsed from Denmark, to Wales and Northern Ireland this season and witnessed the sorriest performances seen in years.
As a boy, I had dreamed of taking over the sorriest football team in the United States and turning them into national champions.