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the process in which one substance takes up or holds another (by either absorption or adsorption)

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Thus, this study aimed to determine the sorption isotherms and the isosteric heat of the Dedo-de-Moca pepper and fit different mathematical models to the dataset, finally selecting the model that best represents these phenomena.
The Freundlich (A) (n), Langmuir (Q) (b) and Dubinin--Radushkevich (Xm) ([beta]) were constants listed in Table 1 which concluded that % sorption decrease at low temperature.
Because of the occurrence of tracheids, the end-grain (longitudinal) sorption is two to three times greater than side-grain (transverse) sorption (Siau 1995).
Sorption isotherms are a key metric for assessing water sorption during storage and are affected by coffee particle size and roasting (Oliveira et al.
It is the aim of this work to investigate the moisture-induced stress for a thermoplastic model material at temperatures well below the glass transition in terms of hydro-plasticization, diffusion kinetics and sorption equilibria.
The accessibility, low cost and effective sorption efficiency are the main factors to be considered for selection of sorbent for water treatment.
The sorption relies on the presence of various types of functional groups such as -NH2, - OH, -COOH, -CONH2, -SH which are available in bio-sorbent for sequestering the overwhelming metal ions [5, 6].
Besides, the method is feasible to obtain solubility parameters, weight fraction coefficients, molar heat and free energy of mixing and sorption, crystallinity degree of semi-crystalline polymers, glass transition and melting points of polymers, decomposition temperatures of polymers, and surface energy of polymers [24, 25].
Lim and Huang (2007) noted that the inorganic mineral products (perlite, zeolite) used as oil sorbents have poor buoyancy and oil sorption capacity.
The sorption assays were performed for the unclassified sorbents, that is, without granulometric classification, and for the [less than or equal to] 180; 180-425; 425-850 and 850-3350 [micro]m granulometries, using the method described by Lee, Han, and Rowell (1999), where 0.
Since water sorption of any restorative material can result in expansion of the restoration, which would be detrimental to the restoration, it is important to limit the amount of water absorbed.
Therefore, dye and light sorption capacity increase in these cells, and as a result, the efficiency increases too.
The data prediction of sorption isotherms are extremely important, since drying is the main process to obtain different kind of flours and is the most widely used method for the food preservation due to the reduction of water activity ([a.
Little is known about the effect of addition of subsoil clay to sandy soils on SOC sorption capacity.