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like or characteristic of or befitting a sister

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For boys, GIQC scores were positively associated with the FI and negatively associated with SI (Table 3), indicating that increased gender variance was associated with later fraternal birth order and earlier sororal birth order.
Given that the Thai book concentrates on women rather than men, this use of sororal dialogue plays an important role in producing a coherent and convincing text.
Los hijos <<son hijos>> del grupo de mujeres locales, parientes o afines entre si, mas cercanos o lejanos, con o sin vinculos de consanguinidad, en una extension sororal de la identidad local.
A more plausible source might have been an expression of sororal sympathy by Georgiana Burne-Jones.
Reading Sense and Sensibility through the lens of gift theory suggests a new factor in the sororal opposition that has often characterized critical debate: Marianne bestows gifts upon her suitor, and Elinor does not.
Having blessed Jacob with nearly a dozen sons, including the visionary Joseph (Will Tudor), the women convene under a red tent, where they share sororal ties and rituals with each other, as well as with the strong-willed Dinah.
With a realism born out of respect for Victorian fiction (George Eliot's Middlemarch, for example, provided the basis for the sororal relationships in A Summer Bird-Cage), Drabble's works, taken together, form a morally astute social history of the latter half of the 20th century.
(1) Reconciliation is a key human mandate, as brothers and sisters who have been locked in fratricidal or sororal conflict--Cain and Abel, Sarah and Hagar--and in our own histories have worked to overcome the trauma of division in the interests of co-existence, cooperation, and even communion.
Finalmente estas representaciones genericas y nacionales consiguen una relacion sororal entendida en el sentido que indica Lagarde (10), de pacto entre mujeres que se reconocen como interlocutoras al proveer con su mera presencia de compania, apoyo y poder a muchas mujeres que tal vez no hayan podido acceder a otras formas de expresion.
The central concern of the show, which comprises five paintings centered on female subjects, appears to be the thwarted dream of maternal and sororal kinship.