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like or characteristic of or befitting a sister

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Para cumplir estos roles, las integrantes del equipo necesitan una amplia formacion y vivencia de la propuesta sororal, insercion y empatia en la comunidad y con el grupo que se acompana, habilidad en los procesos de comunicacion, afecto y estima por las mujeres participantes y el proyecto de la CCTS.
1) Reconciliation is a key human mandate, as brothers and sisters who have been locked in fratricidal or sororal conflict--Cain and Abel, Sarah and Hagar--and in our own histories have worked to overcome the trauma of division in the interests of co-existence, cooperation, and even communion.
Finalmente estas representaciones genericas y nacionales consiguen una relacion sororal entendida en el sentido que indica Lagarde (10), de pacto entre mujeres que se reconocen como interlocutoras al proveer con su mera presencia de compania, apoyo y poder a muchas mujeres que tal vez no hayan podido acceder a otras formas de expresion.
The central concern of the show, which comprises five paintings centered on female subjects, appears to be the thwarted dream of maternal and sororal kinship.
En Gambaro, las dos caras de la feminidad encarnadas por el duo Antigona-Ismena son incompatibles y es precisamente esa incompatibilidad la que provoca la ambivalencia de los sentimientos de la Antigona furiosa que se debate entre amor sororal y deber fraternal.
Ina seemingly sororal complicity between narrator and reader, she would like to denounce the crimes against Adela and others like her ("los enfermos como ella", emphasis mine), because her pathology is so familiar, irresistible--and most importantly, visible.
But unlike the picture of the presumed twins (#475), Sherman's sororal coven of keg partiers is contained in a plain white, crisply modernist frame.
Diane Gillespie's piece extends her ground-breaking work on the sororal cross-influencing of Virginia and Vanessa, like Uhlmann's essay continuing to disentangle Woolf's visual aesthetics from those of Fry, while providing a useful summary of scholarship on the sisters'relationship.
See also Carol Lasser, "'Let us be sisters forever': The Sororal Model of Nineteenth-Century Female Friendship," Signs 14, no.
It is believed that the woman preferred this sororal polygyny out of the fear of letting a foreigner, if married, enjoy the products of her own sweat in the home.
7) El matrimonio sororal ha sido documentado con mucha frecuencia en los estudios sobre el parentesco mapuche.
Perhaps Isma's interest in Hajila could be misconstrued as a sororal or a maternal one, but in breaking the silence, Isma becomes Dinarzade, the sister who awakens, literally and figuratively.
It's Me, Margaret: A Reconsideration of Judy Blume's Prose as Sororal Dialogism," Children's Literature Association Quarterly, Vol.
Beginning in the 1880s and 1890s, fraternal and sororal societies like the Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West sought to create a whitewashed history that erased California's Spanish and Indian heritage through the construction of monuments to the state's pioneer past and by propagating the myth of a vanishing California Indian.
She considers the movement from disguise to double, sororal disguises, Gabriel as the spiritual androgyne, and androgyny and creativity.