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a spore-producing structure in certain lichens and fungi

cluster of sporangia usually on underside of a fern frond

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In order to test their hypothesis, Sori and his colleagues ran simulations assuming that Ahuna Mons contains at least 40 percent water-ice.
Sori returned to Cuba, believing the CIA planned to adopt his revolutionary strategy; instead, he lived long enough to witness the horror of the Bay of Pigs.
On visiting the population of Ta' Cenc in November 2010, two of the six fronds still carried incompletely developed sori denoted by their light green hue.
888, while Kuwaiti Abdullah Al Sori was third overall with a mark of 7.
Hundreds of protesting drivers assembled on Sher Shah Sori Road and raised slogans in favour of their demands.
Since half of his sideman are of Puerto Rican heritage, Ortega called upon the writing talents of his uncle Sergio Sori to compose a song honoring Puerto Rico.
Of these, three are quantitative studies (Duncan & Goddard, 1993; Ford Sori et al.
In the same e-mail exchange, Soto told Munar and another person identified as Juli Sori that she had a question about where and how much of the $1,846.
ICHI (15, 119 mins) Japanese director Fumihiko Sori puts a fresh spin on the Zatoichi legend of the blind masseur and master swordsman with this action-packed martial arts adventure.
Copeland (1938) divided Trichomanes into many genera, but for a long time, taxonomist treated the genus as an unit, because several traits such as translucent blade, tubular sori and exert receptacle made it readely identifiable.
5 cm tall, 3 or 4 cell layers in thickness, rarely with calcification, and with non-indusiate tetrasporangial sori arranged in concentric zones.
Sori marginal, under revolute margins of blade; indusia absent 12
15 with the EPP-ED (previously nine):aANASTASE Roberta Alma,aBODU Sebastian Valentin, BULZESC Nicodim,aDAVID Dragos Florin, DUMITRIU Constantin,aFILIP Petru, FRUNZAVERDE Sori, IACOB-RIDZI Monica Maria,aNICULESCU Rares-Lucian, MARINESCU Marian-Jean, PETRE Maria, POPA Mihaela, SOGOR Csaba, WINKLER Iuliu, ZLOTEA Marian.
Calumet) and Sori (psychology and counseling, Governors State U.
Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori was brought to the United States in shackles in 1788 and spent the next 40 years as a slave before being freed on the orders of President John Quincy Adams and Secretary of State Henry Clay.