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These results indicate that tannin content in sorghums does not necessarily correspond to seed colour but instead is determined by a gene known as tanninl allele in sorghum [33].
Decades of breeding has produced sorghum suitable for a swath of 14 states extending from Texas to South Dakota.
Different sorghum varieties are introduced in practice to ensure the provision of good quality fodder for ruminants.
Sorghum is considered a recalcitrant crop based on genetic transformation.
Now, Texas A&M researchers indicate that a black grain sorghum hybrid has a potential market opportunity in the health food aisle.
In spite of that, grain sorghum appears as a direct successor to corn, because bisedes its similar nutritional composition, is a cheaper alternative, having a lower cost / unit of supplemented energy.
Influence of grinding, rolling, and pelleting on the nutritional value of grain sorghums and yellow corn for broilers.
The physiological mechanism underlying the high productivity of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.
Ogecha JO A Review of Sorghums and Millets Production Constraints in Southwest Kenya.
Sorghum is a drought-resistant cereal grain grown mainly in the southern great plains of the United States.
However, maize hybrids typically have greater dry matter digestibility than forage sorghums.
White, foodgrade sorghums can be milled directly into whole-grain flour to produce foods high in dietary fiber.
The established protocol will provide a baseline for the exploitation of genetic manipulation techniques in an effort to develop high yielding sorghums.