sorghum molasses

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made from juice of sweet sorghum


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Energy comes from carbohydrates, not protein, so we love to add sorghum molasses to our cow's feed.
The cowboys ate their biscuits plain, with gravy, or spread with a mixture of beef tallow and sorghum molasses called "Charlie Taylor.
The November 2005 issue of "Good Old Days Specials" magazine features a story by Mehl titled "Makin' Sorghum Molasses.
On some Saturdays this time of year, they are at the Madison County Farmer's Market selling firewood and sorghum molasses.
Sorghum molasses, on the other hand, scores closest to genuine molasses on the assertiveness scale, although it is somewhat sweeter.
There is sometimes confusion as to the difference between sorghum syrup and sorghum molasses.