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However, Mutindi does not sell her sorghum for beer-making.
DA's National Corn Program technical consultant Candido Damo said the goal of the program is to respond to the global demand for sorghum as livestock and poultry feeds and substitute for the domestically grown corn.
Keeping in view the nutritional value, price and availability, sorghum grain is the next replacement to maize in poultry diet (Subramanian and Metta, 2000).
Sorghum is the world's fifth most important cereal crop after rice, wheat, maize and barley.
The founder and recipe maker of Sorg 'n' mileats, said in an interview that millet and sorghum should be part of the healthy eating proponent's diet, hence her products.
Brorman farms with her husband in Hereford, Texas, where they raise grain sorghum, seed milo, corn, wheat and cattle.
'Before entering the sorghum business, we were eyeing the biodegradable cutlery business and we were targeting the mothers who are also looking for ways to provide their children nutritional food,' she recalled.
5 November 2018 - California, US-based agricultural company S/W Seed Company (NASDAQ: SANW) has acquired certain assets and assigned contracts of sorghum operator Chromatin, which entered into receivership earlier this year, at a price of USD 26.5m, the company said.
This came up less than a day after Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol said there's a need for the country to promote the planting of sorghum -- a type of crop that could be used as an alternative raw material for making livestock and poultry feeds -- to compensate whatever shortfall we may experience in the local production of corn next year.
SeedVision plans to leverage AGT Foods Africa's production and processing facilities to produce S&W's hybrid sunflower, grain sorghum and forage sorghum for sale by SeedVision in the African continent, Middle East countries and Europe.
Achieving Sustainable Cultivation of Sorghum; Volume 1: Genetics, Breeding and Production Techniques
Nigerian sorghum farmers are expecting higher yield this year on favorable weather and increasing demand for local sorghum for human, industrial and animal consumption.
sorghum imports in a conciliatory gesture as top officials meet in Washington.