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in or as if in pain


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He would do anything for anyone and he will be very sorely missed by all of us.
In an interview given to talk-SPORT from China, where the former England defender is on a promotional tour, Terry said: "I am sure if he does leave the club, which nobody wants to see, but we understand he wants to play football, he is going to be sorely missed.
This update to the law was sorely needed in order to help these essential volunteer organizations remain operational, Baker said in the statement.
It's a unique opportunity for the city and one that's sorely needed.
ICS had projected the track would add sorely needed jobs and over $250 million to the economy every year.
Contemplating the nature of God, as experienced by the Puritan women whose own devout beliefs were put sorely to the test by their vengeful countrymen, A Witch In The Family is a transcendental study of fundamental truths the accused woman of over three hundred years ago may well have grasped in their hearts and minds.
Fagan's presence at Fathering's helm will be sorely missed, we are pleased to announce that Dr.
He and other Japanese American soldiers are given a terrifying job on a remote island where the meaning of courage and duty are sorely tested in this fast-paced story.
Alas, my inner school reformer was sorely disappointed.
The decision to construct the Empire State Building provided employment for many and inspiration to a city sorely in need of cheering up.
A rare glimpse at West Coast tribal life--something sorely needed in Native coverages which tend to focus on the East and Midwest, is Life Of The California Coast Nations (0778703827), telling of village groups, clans, and lives.
The Bamiyan Buddhas used to be dismissed as grotesque; now they're sorely missed.
Operators, there's one grease fitting on the earthmover that's sorely neglected.
T: The Gospel closes with an affirmation that we may sorely need: "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.