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someone who is peevish or disgruntled

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Whistle-blowers were called snitches in my youth; and reformers, soreheads who cared more about a bunch of strangers than their own families.
s core constituency, or merely the complaint of soreheads.
43) Justices Rehnquist and White were speaking in dissent, of course, but what they had to say does suggest that it is an oversimplification to dismiss citizens who express identical views as soreheads in need of instruction in basic civics.
Harking to the sober voice of reason, we decided to sever our ties with liberal hotheads and conservative soreheads alike in hopes of being a moderate like Jesus.
In the 1840s both Thomas Carlyle and Friedrich Engels, aware they were thought of as professional soreheads, diagnosed from different angles that cash payment was threatening to become the sole nexus of man with man -- Engels exclaiming at "the truly extraordinary conception of society" promoted by the English middle classes: "they really believe that human beings have a real existence only if they make money or help to make money