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someone who is peevish or disgruntled

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New Delhi [India], Nov 19 ( ANI ): Johnny Depp's appearance in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2' has been revealed and many Potterheads have turned sorehead.
Is it fear of retaliations by an employer, or simply--as is often the case--not wanting to be known as a whiner or a sorehead? Whatever the reason, it is only good reporting to let the reader know.
A few sorehead liberal intellectuals continue to bemoan the fact, write books about the good old days when everybody was in charge of reading his or her own mail.
If you have the head harness inside-out, the crosspiece rubs land makes you a sorehead.
But he is not a professional sorehead. He is an enormously warm and generous person with far more wins than losses in his personal relationships.
(The implicit suggestion here is that I am a sorehead, and that there is no good reason not to get at least some thrills out of these movies.) I might mention "The Piano Teacher" or "Y Tu Mama Tambien," deeply humane and troubling pictures that exist today on the outer margins of film production, accessible only to those who live in a major city, or perhaps near a university.
I really did, because if they boo you on the road, it's either because you're a sorehead or you're hurting them.
The popular hero reveals himself as a conceited, irresponsible, stingy, gullible sorehead too dumb to resent an insult.
A poet like Jeffers is so massively a poet, and was so denounced by the literary establishment, that he first springs to mind in this context, whereas Rexroth was most famous not as a poet but as an adversarial voice who so confronted the establishment that he became dismissed (by Alfred Kazin) as an "old fashioned American sorehead." But now with his death he is emerging as the quintessential poet in his own right, and it is this aptness that startles one in the recognition of Neumann's pronouncement.
I have not always been such a sorehead about this country.
From an only childhood in Willow, Pennsylvania, to college days at MIT, where he meets his first wife, Phyllis, to married life, computer programming, and serial adultery in Middle Falls, Connecticut, in the swinging Sixties and sorehead Seventies, to divorce, remarriage, selling out before the tech-stock bust, and cashing in to retire with Julia to well-heeled seclusion in Haskells Crossing, Mass achusetts, Owen--"afraid of the water, of heights, of spiders, of the dark"--has always hoped that his life was charmed.