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Overall, 47% of participants had exudative sore throat, and 44% were positive for group A B-hemolytic Streptococcus.
So strep throat isn't just a more-severe sore throat, it's a specific kind of sore throat with a specific bacterial cause.
We are always looking to satisfy consumer needs with innovations in sore throat relief," says Jocelyn Yuan, senior brand manager for Prestige Brands, based in Irvington, N.
Antibiotics only kill bacteria, so they will not usually help a sore throat problem.
Sore throat is common after endotracheal intubation and has been reported to be as high as 40%2.
Temperature >38[degrees]C and either cough or sore throat (13) were the most specific screening criteria and had the best positive predictive value; temperature of 37.
Allergies seldom cause a sore throat, and never cause a fever.
Sleeping with an open mouth can cause a dry mouth and a sore throat when you wake in the morning.
You may also find that sufferers complain of an inability to concentrate, memory loss, a sore throat, insomnia and painful and mildly enlarged cervical or axillary lymph nodes.
Grocers, independent pharmacies and c-stores, the largest distribution channel for sore throat remedies, all felt the brunt of reluctant consumers last year.
The study evaluated the symptom of persistent sore throat 2 years after surgery in children and 3 years after surgery in adults.
My doctor, however, is always less than keen to give me antibiotics at the onset of the sore throat which would seem to make most sense.
Present History: Sore throat x 2 weeks, mostly in the evening.
First, be sure your sore throat isn't a sign of something serious.
But she was afraid a sore throat would rob her of her big moment.