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a mute for a violin


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The Rondino is notable in that it specifies the use of a mute (con sordino)--the only other time Beethoven specified the use of a mute was at the end of the Sixth Symphony.
Melinda Sordino can't find the words to explain what happened to her at a party last summer, or why she called the police to break up the party.
although Flanagan does not detail possilde cost reduction strategies in the book, his report for the Mellon Foundation makes .1 more pointed recommendation to cut (or at least reconfigure) musician compensation--advice that has ruffled some feathers in certain circles (Bruce Ridge, Review in Senza Sordino 50, no.
Adieu." Piano and violin, con sordino, set the midnight scene for the poet to finish his letter.
The piece's third movement is a gem among Dvorak's quartet works and the ensemble duly deliver this nocturne con sordino in an atmosphere akin to the discrete grief of Stabat Mater as a reminiscence that is not uttered aloud (the wonderful trio of violins and viola).
"Ghost Time," which closed with a 12-tone, Schoenbergian progression, was followed by Lehman's "After Meaning," in which Lehman's sax made buttery sounds evoking David Oistrakh on violin con sordino. This was followed by Sorey's "172," Lehman's "Rai," Iyer's "Requiem/Ritual," Sorey's "Bend," and Iyer's "Infogee Dub." Throughout, the musicians sonically shimmered, individually and together: Iyer's adjacent key pairs consonantly dissonant, Lehman inducing human voices, and Sorey massaging time in tick-tock stick strikes.
Waldemar Hickst has reported that Sordino - beaten a length and a quarter in the Derby - has mucus in his throat, while Derby winner Wiener Walzer will only run if the ground is good.