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a mute for a violin


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Qatar's consulate in Milan was opened Friday by HE the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Ahmed bin Hassan al-Hammadi in the presence of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs second bureau director Paolo Sordini. Speaking on the occasion, HE Dr al-Hammadi pointed out that the opening of the consulate in Milan is a new indicator of the strength of the Qatari-Italian relations.
Kafka introduces a certain Sordini: [A] correspondent famed for his conscientiousness ...
I have seen many Sordinis at work in the 45 years in which I have labored in the same vineyard as Kafka.
However, in the Mass of Thanksgiving of 21 November 1631 the loud, open (senza sordini) military trumpets would have been appropriate, not only because of the joyful celebration, but also because death had been vanquished through the intervention of the Virgin.
Ahmed bin Hassan Al Hammadi opened the Consulate General of the State of Qatar in Milan in the presence of Paolo Sordini, director of the second bureau of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Traduzione italiana di A Sordini, postfazione di C Lefort.
Halfway through the movement the ritornello returns in the dominant minor con sordini, the initial statement having been played normally, and a subsequent version in G minor is also muted, while in between the strings resume playing senza sordini.
The major Nastri D'Argento (Italian Journalists' Assn.) Film Awards: Director: Silvio Soldini ("Bread and Tulips"); Producers: Giuseppe & Francesco Tornatore ("The Prince's Manuscript"); Screenplay: Doriana Leondeff, Silvio Sordini ("Bread and Tulips"); Actress: Licia Maglietta ("Bread and Tulips"); Actor: Silvio Orlando ("I Prefer the Rumour of the Sea"); Supporting Actress: Marina Massironi ("Bread and Tulips"); Supporting Actor: Felice Andreasi ("Bread and Tulips"); Director of a Foreign Film: Sam Mendes ("American Beauty").
A |Concerto con corni da caccia' by Johann David Heinichen(35) includes a movement marked un poco allegro that is scored for transverse flute, three oboes |con Sordini,' violins and violas |pizzicati dolcemente' (unison) and bass (ex.9).
In a sketch for the |Representation of Chaos', the instrumental introduction to The Creation, Haydn writes the direction |Tutti con sordini' at the top of the score.(48) In the printed version of the introduction, only the strings are muted, but in the earliest performances, which took place under Haydn's direction, the trumpets, timpani and horns were also muted.(49)
More subtly, is it not peculiar that Schubert writes the plural "sordini" rather than "sordino" in his sonata D.