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Synonyms for sordidness

sordid dirtiness

unworthiness by virtue of lacking higher values

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No room here for all the sordidness, meanness, and viciousness that filled the dirty pool of city existence.
In an environment made up largely of sordidness and wretchedness they had kept themselves unsullied and wholesome.
Doubtless they were sordid; and for the majority, who are not lofty, there is no escape from sordidness but by being free from money-craving, with all its base hopes and temptations, its watching for death, its hinted requests.
The talk had led on from the Graft Prosecution and the latest signs that the town was to be run wide open, down through all the grotesque sordidness and rottenness of manhate and man-meanness, until the name of O'Brien was mentioned--O'Brien, the promising young pugilist who had been killed in the prize-ring the night before.
A FEW days before accusing Sigma TV of sordidness and dishonesty, the Archbishop engaged in one of his favourite activities -- gay bashing -- in an interview on Alpha TV.
Dickens himself lived for a time on Lant Street, and the sordidness of Southwark provided a rich backdrop for his novels 'Little Dorrit' and 'David Copperfield.
The sordidness of all of this will be sugarcoated with the hoary claim that lower tax rates will spur growth.
Had your children become drug dealers, political assassins or joined the martilyo gang that's robbing banks and malls, even I would join you in condemning their sordidness.
With a lamp that also exposes "the discomfort and sordidness of his abode," he studies his daughter proudly, "from top to toe" (191), inverting the privilege of scrutiny accorded by reformist convention to the charitable visitor.
Confidants' who flourish on the sidelines gradually assuming power against all odds, parental dominance, siblings who have no hang-ups over crossing swords in pursuit of power and such other family disputes; well, the countrymen have seen all this, yet continue to be overwhelmed by the sordidness that describe the happenings in high places.
Holbein's painting draws a discreet veil over known major backstage sordidness on pay and rations.
The tenor here is far removed from the gothic, that shibboleth of Crews criticism, nor is it, like the routine of the Mexican comedian on The Johnny Carson Show, "just funny as shit" (Feast, 47); it is Crews's considerable achievement that he manages to balance an objective depiction of the essential sordidness of existence with an intense sense of identification with those marginalized and obtruded upon, which is to say pretty much every character of the novel.
Even the food at meals had that awful dreary sordidness which is so repulsive to a young thing coming from abroad.
The palingenetic expectations generated by the war are reiterated and the conflict is glorified as a transformative and spiritual event, which has the ability to cleanse the world and lift man from the sordidness of his appetites: "Essa [the war] suscita nell'individuo d'animo molle e sonnifero le volanti energie, che solo conosce senza di lei il privilegiato che vive la vita del pensiero o del sogno.
Like Isabel Sleaford, Lady Cecil Chudleigh uses romantic literature as a form of escape from the sordidness of the genteel poverty that entraps her.