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in a sordid or squalid way


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Orwell cannot quite conceal his eagerness for even the most dismal experience, and he keeps an eye out for the sordidly picturesque: "It was a very narrow street--a ravine of tall, leprous houses, lurching towards one another in queer attitudes, as though they had all been frozen in the act of collapse.
John Evelyn lo describe como un hombre "overgrown and suddenly monied" y "most sordidly avaricious" (91).
Alicia the "tramp" is not played sordidly, and we do learn that she had a good reason to act this way.
The justification of torture, sordidly redefined as "enhanced interrogation techniques," greatly damaged George W.
Meanwhile, after a grubby month of living sordidly, the simple Welsh souls who made such a sad spectacle of themselves said a tearful farewell to their beloved city of dreams, Cardiff.
In the end, Caro decides to burn the house down along with the residents, reasoning that "death by fire" is better than "death by bad smells and bedpans and lost minds in sordidly failing bodies.
Hasluck describes it as 'gracefully and sordidly Victorian' (1977, p.
It is the opposite of the European postcard images: "At the brink of dawn budding with frail creeks, the hungry West Indies, the West Indies pock-pitted with smallpox, the West Indies blown up by alcohol, stranded in the mud of this bay, in the dust of this town sordidly stranded" (Cesaire 2007a:73).
But the cardsharper and the clothes-stealer belong to the illiberal class, because they are sordidly avaricious: it is for gain that both types follow their profession and submit to a bad reputation, the one accepting the severest risks for the sake of their pilferings, the other profiting at the expense of their friends, to whom they ought to give; so both are sordidly avaricious, because they want to make gain from a wrong source.
Arguably, the subtler emphasis falls on the unknown reality as non-Malthusian--not the melodramatic scarcity of the sordidly compelling Malthusian prose calculus that contrasted Arithmetic and Geometric rates of growth because prose enjoys that stark contrast--but the resigned conservative balances of the couplet.
Eliot ecrira "I think that from Baudelaire I learned first, a precedent for the poetical possibilities, never developed by any poet writing in my own language, of the more sordid aspects of the modern metropolis, of the possibilities of fusion between the sordidly realistic and the phantasmagoric, the possibility of juxtaposition of the matter-of-fact and the fantastic.
Intelligent without flexibility, religious without spirituality, ascetic without mysticism, this man is plainly the product of a blend of narrownesses: the sordidly peasant-like soul of a countryman from Santa Comba only grew in small-mindedness with a seminary education, with all the bookish inhumanity of Coimbra, with his rigid and burdensome specialization for his much desired destiny as professor of finance.
He maintains, "For too long it has diminished the rights of man, that its concept of those rights has been--and still is--narrow and fragmentary, incomplete and biased and, all things considered, sordidly racist" (Cesaire, 1972, p.
Having sexual relations with the same man, Laney and Arlene are, to be sure, rather sordidly connected through their experiences with female sexuality.
In the volume's context perhaps this may be slightly sordidly resonant of words such as courtship and female names such as Tina or Tanya.