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He confessed to the murder at Sharjah Criminal Court yesterday and said: "She was dealing in sorcery and God asked me to kill her because of that.
A mysterious disease is affecting the mages in the Tower of Sorcery.
The Storm Dragon's Heart is a very good sword and sorcery adventure.
The police was tipped about the illegal practice of sorcery and black magic and a raid on his house enabled them to find all the tools and amulets he was using to deceive people and take their money.
According to a senior official, up to 10,000 articles -- weighing 97kg -- associated with the practice of witchcraft and sorcery were seized from passengers of different nationalities.
In these cases sorcery is a form of cultural heritage that belongs to Significant Others-with its power being a new de-territorialised form of national cultural heritage.
BEIRUT: Saudi Arabia has apparently decided to hold off on carrying out the execution of a Lebanese former TV presenter convicted of sorcery, a Lebanese minister and the man's lawyer said on Thursday.
Most of the victims are women and all have been accused of practicing sorcery in the wilds of Papua New Guinea.
A sage replete with sorcery, action, beats, demons, and heroes, "All Men Are Brothers" is a terrific read from beginning to end and a very highly recommended addition to academic and community library collections
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2004: Kate and Cecilia are still writing in this sequel to Sorcery and Cecilia (an ALA Best Book for YAs), but now the cousins are together, and they write as "From the depositon of Mrs.
Cancer and sorcery would not seem words to be used in the same subtitle at all, yet yoga-practicing anthropologist and sorcerer Paul Stoller found himself in an unusual position when diagnosed with lymphoma, and used the lessons of West African life and health to beat his disease.
Where a war was raged using weapons of sorcery and extensive magic, the very same magic that was all but destroyed.
No mysticism, magic or sorcery was involved - only God and his omnipotent power.
These latter included wills, churches and churchyards, religious obligations, tithes, marriage, slander, and sorcery.
The band sounds like Slayer on prozac, without any vocals or heavy metal's swords arid sorcery affectation.