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possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers

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Now we've compiled them into the full colour sorcerous supplement you are currently grasping in your claws.
Then, like a cliche right out of a parents' handbook on the dangers of Dungeons & Dragons, I started to collect books on magic and witchcraft and imagined what it would be like to have real sorcerous powers.
Quite literally in the clouds, and descending thereon, were another countertenor, Canadian Matthew White, as the deluded, quasi-villainous Creonte, and Jesse Blumberg as Poliferno, his sorcerous puppet master, both admirable in their roles.
This was only the beginning of Sherwood's legal troubles and over the years she was subjected to a number of then-acceptable judicial tests to determine the extent of her sorcerous powers or the lack thereof, surely the worst of which were bodily examinations (in which she proved less fortunate than the Norfolk woman of 1678 on account of certain avowed physical abnormalities on her person) and trial by water (in which she floated rather than sank, and thus was labeled a witch and confined in shackles until the court could decide what to do with her).
The Hopi term is sotsava, "olivella shells," one of the sorcerous weapons used by witches.
such as the use and mutilation of crucifixes in sorcerous divination ceremonies.
However, the invading hordes and their sorcerous leader have grander ambitions in mind, and the unlikely hero finds himself drawn into a battle to prevent the king of his country from being overthrown.
Her new found sorcerous abilities afflict her with bloody visions of the future predicting the deaths of her husband and her son.
After extensive renovation, the stud is now home to 48 mares and four stallions, including Sorcerous, a Sadler's Wells half-brother to Grand Lodge and the sire of both Sorayah and Valparaiso.
Even at the poem's conclusion, the narrator is uncertain whether Eliot is a genuine avatar or merely a clever and mischievous man, a player, who cultivates an eccentric, sorcerous image (signifying, as it were, on the idea of true prophecy) for the purpose of attracting curious young women.
The telling of this tale, complete with magical powers and sorcerous vengeance, is itself an act of defiance, animating a tradition the Aklivik school is attempting to suffocate.
Further violence is averted and the community is rescued from the splits that emanate from transmitted patterns of brotherly conflict, including the spectre of sorcerous fratricide (Ravuvu 1987:151).
Although he'll never have the sorcerous control of Alex Young, the one-time Golden Vision of Goodison, he has the potential to follow in the classic centre-forward tradition of Dixie Dean and Tommy Lawton.
In the records of witchcraft trials, one sometimes catches alluring glimpses of a fantastic world of magical beliefs, supernatural beings, and the use of spells and curses in sorcerous conflicts.
BRM IV 19 and 20 are, as they very clearly state, designed to list the proper astrological moments to perform sorcerous acts without getting caught.