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a woman who practices magic

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Those sorceresses are fake and can't help anyone with their acts.
Even the many dances were determined by the cramped movements of the establishment figures and the free-flowing gestures of the sorceresses.
de Montespan was directly or indirectly involved in some of these games with sorceresses and necromancy at court.
Tristan, later known as The Chosen One, and Wig, the lead wizard, are among the few survivors of a massacre by the minions of the sorceresses.
In his initial confession Calheiros said he had pushed Julie into the Sorceresses Waterfall at Ilha Grande before bludgeoning her to death with a stone.
For example, the sorceresses in Dido are pure evil; there isn't any subtext.
Characters in this book consist of vampires, sorceresses, warlocks and robots with different ethnicities and gender.
His topics include female sorceresses in the Babylonian Talmud, the physically handicapped in the Mishnah, and rituals and the Israelite soldier in the Torah and the Mishnah.
As Albert Ascoli has argued, the Furioso imitates traditional unmaskings and unveilings of sorceresses but in an ironic vein.