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Synonyms for sorb

take up a liquid or a gas either by adsorption or by absorption

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This is what we did this morning when we switched off SORBS.
Alecos Alexandrou, who manages the CyTA's data service centre in Nicosia said: "We detected a number of complaints -- it seems SORBS have changed their filtering methods to become more aggressive.
Scholze-Solta points out that many older Sorbs today are illiterate as the result of Nazi policies that had prohibited the functioning of the Sorbian schools and cultural organizations.
Considering himself more a German than a Saxon (which showed a broad yet somewhat condescending viewpoint toward other nationalities), Luther called the Sorbs "die schlechteste Nation von allen" (the worst nation of all.
He also has the advantages of being inert so that it won't sorb easily to the inner surfaces of chambers and is present in the atmosphere at only 5 ppm.
2] molecules will sorb to the surfaces and thus provide a barrier layer to reduce the sorption of water molecules onto the surface.
If the chamber is backfilled with air, the water molecules in the air will instantly begin to sorb onto all the fresh internal surfaces.