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take up a liquid or a gas either by adsorption or by absorption

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As discussed earlier, 1/n expresses the Cd sorption intensity and provides information about the relative saturation of the sorbing surface and buffer capacity of a given soil (Lair et al.
To immobilize cells of microorganisms, we used granules with buckwheat husk (BWH) and barley husk (BH) as carrying sorbing agents.
Thus, the obtained results give reasons to recommend sorbing agents based on the buckwheat husk and barley husk for intensification of oil and oil products transformation in the sewage water of various extent of pollution.
1996), who reported variation of the travel path of a nonlinearly sorbing solute front in time with Freundlich exponent.
Closed-form analytical expressions for the velocity and retardation factor of nonlinearly sorbing reactive solutes (Vereecken et al.
Thus, the aim of the present study is to investigate a) to what extent PCBs and lindane are absorbed by in vitro intestinal Caco-2 cells; b) the effect of sorbing constituents on absorption of the HOCs, including whether HOCs mobilized from soil during digestion contribute to uptake into the intestinal cells; and c) which factors are likely to have the largest impact on oral bioavailability of the soil-borne HOCs.
The difference in the values of the rate constants can be attributed to several counteracting processes that the sorbing constituents exert on the intestinal absorption of HOCs.
Humic acid and FA do not simply compete with P for sorption sites in soil, but in many instances, act as P sorbing surfaces also (Appelt et al.
In the new product area, FiberTech is focusing on SMS composites for hygiene and medical applications, a family of encapsulating laminates for water, hydrocarbons, acid neutralizers and biohazards, SMS pads for sorbing hydrocarbons and sonic bonded laminates for wipes, hygiene and industrial uses.
First, for low phosphorus (P) sorbing sandy soils commonly used for agriculture in south-western Australia, we wished to test whether the P buffer capacity of soil (PBC) decreased as more P was applied in a previous year.
Thus, for example, the very low P sorbing River Sands on the north bank of the Herbert near Ingham are well discriminated by [K.
However, their analysis includes data from a number of studies with sorbing systems which introduced considerable uncertainty in the estimation of [beta].
The most straightforward problem associated with the determination of labile P in highly sorbing soils is the difficulty associated with the accurate measurement of solution P at the low concentrations frequently found in highly P-sorbing soils (Wolf et al.
Aluminium amorphous compounds have a larger sorbing capacity than Fe compounds in highly weathered soils (Syers et al.
These materials have medium to high P sorption capacities and represent the major P sorbing materials in soil profiles of the Bassendean Dune soil association.