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take up a liquid or a gas either by adsorption or by absorption

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On other hand, in the case of soil-A the adsorbed phosphate was tightly held by the soil particles and tends to release slowly due to more sorbing energy.
As discussed earlier, 1/n expresses the Cd sorption intensity and provides information about the relative saturation of the sorbing surface and buffer capacity of a given soil (Lair et al.
Both soils remained on sorbing phosphate up to sixty days of incubation period where the soil-A sorbed 99.
Phosphorus sorbing materials typically contain appreciable concentrations of aluminum (Al), iron (Fe), calcium (Ca), or magnesium (Mg), with solubility depending on chemical forms and other properties such as pH.
and the second Fick's law in the case of sorbing species can be written similarly as equation (2) and (6) for the one-dimensional case as:
The objective of this research was to study the ability of immobilized cells of microorganisms on the sorbing agents of vegetable origin to dispose of the elements of oil hydrocarbons depending on the abiotic factors of the environment.
One possible solution to reducing dissolved P losses from high P-containing, edge-of-stream soil is through application of a phosphorus sorbing material.
Despite these developments, the variation of velocity and retardation factor of nonlinearly sorbing solutes at the field scale is yet not fully understood and predictable.
Therefore, we can conclude that sorbing phases may increase the contaminant mobilization from soil during the digestion.
Fibertect High-tech Nonwoven Wipes, Oil and Vapor Sorbing Wipe, from Hobbs Bonded Fibers: The multi-layered wipe has both absorptive and adsorptive properties, a unique combination that is needed to have both liquid wiping and toxic vapor holding capability.
Zeolite and carbonized zeolite may also be useful for treating wastewater from uranium mill tailings and for sorbing some toxic organic compounds.
Humic acid and FA do not simply compete with P for sorption sites in soil, but in many instances, act as P sorbing surfaces also (Appelt et al.
In the new product area, FiberTech is focusing on SMS composites for hygiene and medical applications, a family of encapsulating laminates for water, hydrocarbons, acid neutralizers and biohazards, SMS pads for sorbing hydrocarbons and sonic bonded laminates for wipes, hygiene and industrial uses.
First, for low phosphorus (P) sorbing sandy soils commonly used for agriculture in south-western Australia, we wished to test whether the P buffer capacity of soil (PBC) decreased as more P was applied in a previous year.