sorbent material

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a material that sorbs another substance

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While most have been using pure chitosan as sorbent material, we have chosen to work on chitosan and calcium carbonate.
In SPE process of trace elements needs sorbent materials some of which are Amberlite and Duolite XAD resins, activated carbon, cellulose, modified silica gel, polymeric resin, and biomass [18-21], The mechanism of retention of those materials is performed by means of simple adsorption, chelating, and ion-exchange [22].
The total amount of the sorbent material used for one test amounted to 76 grams (70 kg/[m.
This finding suggests that activated carbon is a more efficient sorbent material than pebbles for bio-filters.
Additional project participants include Pennsylvania State University, who bring the novel sorbent material to the project, Sud-Chemie Inc.
Eliminating the issues associated with the use of silica-beads, such as sorbent material drying, this method of solid phase extraction is suited for separating drugs, metabolites and peptides in biological fluids, as well as peptides in serum or plasma.
Sorbent material pH Sorption capacity (mg/g) Reference Phanerochaete 5 53.
The carry box, which doubles as a dustpan, contains a pair of protective gloves, a specially designed brush for clearing up broken glass and debris and two pieces of 3M Sorbent material that can soak up 1.
MVTR and OTR rates are applied to the proposed package and, with the inclusion of other sources of moisture or oxygen, are used to determine the appropriate amount of sorbent material to be used.
One factor that could mitigate that cost would be to make the sorbent material in the country where it will be used," says Turchi.
As an additional advantage, the sorbent material can be regenerated while the unit is operating, allowing for prolonged run times between shutdowns.
With DPX, pipette tips incorporate loosely contained sorbent material, which is mixed with the sample solution.
Or if the affinity factor ([beta]) for a specific compound can be obtained, only one test for the reference compound with the same sorbent material is needed for the D-R isotherm.