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(of a substance) taken into and retained in another substance


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The phosphate adsorption in various soils differed (Table 6) and major portion of phosphate (797 g g-1) was sorbed in Gishkori followed by Buzdar and Sultanpur soil series with values of 778 and 188 g g-1 respectively.
The loss of 14 % of resin in mass up to 165 oC in the first step may be due to the elimination of sorbed water and CO2.
Indeed, from the beginning of the curves to the breakthrough points, the inlet lead ions are totally sorbed instead of the proton ions previously fixed.
It might be due to greater number of phosphate ions could be sorbed.
2+] at equilibrium adsorbed % Sorbed (minutes) (mg/l) (mg/l) (mg/g) (Qe) 20 625.
There was no evidence that rods sorbed enough water to reduce moisture availability for subsequent diffusion.
2-] sorbed in the PVA cryogels (in terms of sorbed [Cr.
This becomes important in choosing a material that is most suited to a particular end use as it affects sorption capacity, retention, kinetics, and the form of sorbed P in the spent material (Penn and Bryant 2006).
These may be present within the aquifer (groundwater zone) in any or all of three different phases: (1) as a separate physical layer of (usually) petroleum hydrocarbons within the aquifer (often referred to as a "nonaqueous phase liquid" or NAPL), (2) as chemicals sorbed into the groundwater aquifer materials, and (3) as dissolved contaminants, usually migrating through and beyond the property.
Energy, imparted to the sorbed water molecules, will raise their internal energy to a high enough level to exceed these weak bonds and allow the molecules to desorb.
FIRST,John Prescott dreamed up Regional Government then,in the ever-widening wedge in the door, he is now proposing that Merseyside's transport planning would be ab sorbed into this proposed regional quango.
It is known that little mercury is leachable from most coal combustion by- products (CCBs); however, little is known about the volatility of sorbed mercury from CCBs.
It allows full recovery of sorbed oil, including emulsified oils