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(of a substance) taken into and retained in another substance


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The higher SSF signals on the CDA matrix were obtained for benzo(a)pyrene sorbed on the CDA film from water-ethanol solutions in comparison with pyrene of similar concentrations (see Figure 1(b)).
Based on system dynamics methodology, two stocks (or variables where positive or negative accumulation takes place; represented by squares) were considered within the reactor system: "As free" (i.e., mass of As remaining in the residual water which enters the reactor) and "As sorbed" (i.e., mass of As retained by technosol = soil + nanoparticles).
The percentage Cr(VI) sorbed (mg/g) with an increase in sorbent dosage is observed to increase drastically and beyond a dosage of 150 mg reaches saturation as shown in Figure 2.
The phosphate adsorption in various soils differed (Table 6) and major portion of phosphate (797 g g-1) was sorbed in Gishkori followed by Buzdar and Sultanpur soil series with values of 778 and 188 g g-1 respectively.
The loss of 14 % of resin in mass up to 165 oC in the first step may be due to the elimination of sorbed water and CO2.
Sorbed phenanthrene concentrations on the sorbents were calculated by mass balance.
The numbers from Step III and Step IV were higher than 90% of the arsenate adsorbed for all three dosing modes, which represented the specifically sorbed As (V) and amorphous crystalline hydrous oxides of Fe, respectively.
THS components--such as nicotine and carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, including benzo[a] pyrene--are sorbed and reemitted from indoor surfaces over varying periods of time after tobacco sources have been extinguished.
The pH profiles during desorption process shows the opposite behavior since the pH increases when lead concentration decreases because of the exchange between lead ions previously sorbed and proton ions introduced with the regeneration solution.
Sorbed HMs can be desorbed into soil solution under changing environmental conditions or biological activity, and then can be taken up by plants or move down to lower soil horizons and groundwater (Shaheen 2009).
Bolland MDA, Allen DG (2003) Phosphorus sorption by sandy soils from Western Australia: effect of previously sorbed P on P buffer capacity and single-point P sorption indices.
It might be due to greater number of phosphate ions could be sorbed.
There was no evidence that rods sorbed enough water to reduce moisture availability for subsequent diffusion.
2-] sorbed in the PVA cryogels (in terms of sorbed [Cr.sub.2][O.sub.7.sup.2-] amount (g) reported to 1g of dry polymer [xerogel] is plotted in Fig.1 (sorption kinetic).
This becomes important in choosing a material that is most suited to a particular end use as it affects sorption capacity, retention, kinetics, and the form of sorbed P in the spent material (Penn and Bryant 2006).