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(of a substance) taken into and retained in another substance


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Heavy metals in exchangeable, specifically sorbed, organic bound and residual phases were determined by ICP-AES.
In Fickian diffusion the sorbed amount increases linearly with square root of time, while in Case II it increases linearly with time.
where X/m and C are the amount of phosphate sorbed per unit mass of soil and phosphate concentration in solution, respectively, after time t; K, n, and p are constants.
Both reactions increase the number of hydrophilic sites, namely hydroxyl and unreacted secondary amine groups, which can bond the sorbed water molecules.
s] is the amount of P sorbed (mg P/kg) from a single addition of 1000mgP/kg and C is the resulting solution P concentration (mg P/L).
The amount of P sorbed by soils was calculated from the difference between the P concentration in the equilibrium solution and the initial P added to the soil.
Nevertheless, Colwell-P has been shown to be highly correlated with P that is isotopically exchangeable in 24h (Dalal and Hallsworth 1977), the L-value determined from plant P uptake data in glasshouse experiments (Dalai and Hallsworth 1977; Moody and Barry 1983), anion exchange resin extractable P (Moody and Barry 1983), and the amount of sorbed P calculated by fitting a Freundlich equation to P sorption curves (Barrow 2000).
Phosphate sorbed was calculated from the difference between P added and P in the equilibrium solution.
A measure of sorption reversibility and potential availability of sorbed Cu for leaching and plant uptake was achieved by subjecting the solid-phase material existing after attainment of equilibrium in the sorption isotherm experiment to a sequential extraction technique.
The concentration of Ag in the filtrate was determined so that both the amounts of metal sorbed and the amount in the entrained solution could be determined.
It allows full recoverability of sorbed oil, including emulsified oils
The comparison included the need to take account of the previously sorbed P when calculating single-point P sorption indices.