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take up a liquid or a gas either by adsorption or by absorption

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SIFT, SURF, and sORB based methods cannot detect any matched keypoints on the forged region as shown in the visual result.
The capacity of soil to sorb P has a large effect both on the amount of fertiliser P needed for near-maximum yields (Ozanne and Shaw 1967) and, for the Colwell procedure in particular, on the critical value required for soil-test P (Moody 2007).
3) At this point, units (assets under your headquarter's control) are tasked and higher assets are requested based on SORB.
Besides describing the behaviors and the objectives of referees' behaviors, the observer using SORB also records, when applicable, to whom the behavior was directed.
The silver honor was given to the employees behind Plantapon LGC Sorb, a new environmentally sound anionic surfactant based on alkyl polyglycosides technology.
These molecules will also enter the molecular musical chairs game and take even more time to be pumped away since they will tend to sorb on the already cleared surfaces.
This premium range of nonwoven sponges, named Avant Deluxe, as well as a cotton-and-polyester blended gauze sponge called Accu Sorb fills a void left by Johnson & Johnson Wound Management's decision to phase out production of selected general wound care product lines including eye pads, sponges, gauze pads, tapes and cleaners.
Therefore, before returning to Mato Kosyk, the featured hero of this essay, we should review some Sorbian history, focusing on the differences between the uses of the wor ds Sorb and Wend, as well as on the Sorbian nationalism that gave rise to a poet like Mato Kosyk.
At in-cosmetics Asia 2017, the brand new UV filter Eclipsogen Sorb M and Sorb S will be introduced, along with the active ingredient Eosidin that will be featured at the show's Innovation Zone.
6 Sorb Schiff Mega Red Schiff/Weider 16,570,220 32.
Comments: Plantapon LGC Sorb has the characteristic mildness of Cognis APG surfactants, while also offering superior foam performance, luxuriant lathering and sensory acceptance.
Simple measurements of the capacity of soils to sorb phosphorus (P) are essential for effective management of the P status of the sandy soils in south-western Australia.
We ordered one pudding from the selection -- Swiss strawberry ice cream with passion fruit sorb et and Amoretti biscuit -- and polished it all off with espressos.