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Sorbs in their history and their present status in Europe and the world
where S is the amount of P sorbed (mg P/kg soil), c is the concentration of P in the extract solution (mg P/L), and a and b are coefficients of the Freundlich equation, with b assigned a value of 0.41.
This indicated that the capacity of all 8 soils to sorb P decreased as more P was applied to the soil in a previous year, supporting results of previous laboratory (Barrow 1974) and field (Barrow et al.
1998) studies in showing that previous additions of P to lateritic soil decreased the capacity of the soil to sorb subsequent additions of P.
As the water molecules are sorbed by the surface, they are instantly replaced in the air by others because of the constant interdiffusion produced by the molecular motion.
Past irrigation with wastewater has significantly (P < 0.05) reduced the ability of soil from the 0-20 cm depth to sorb added P at both disposal sites.
The bleed gas impacts the sorbed water molecules and essentially knocks them loose.
Clariant's brand new UV filter Eclipsogen Sorb M provides a broad spectrum of UV absorption covering both the longer Ultraviolet A and shorter Ultraviolet B ranges of rays that may cause harmful effects on the skin such as skin aging, uneven pigmentation and even skin cancer.
In practice, the capacity figure that's quoted corresponds to the amount of sorbed gas that causes the sorption speed to decrease to a certain percentage of the initial value (usually 90-95%).
For desserts we had two rather dry Tiramasu's,a sorb et and what was described as a Baileys and cream cheesecake which was let down by a complete absence of the Irish cream liqueur.
But we were quite happy to order fresh fruit with an orange sorb et for me and a brandy snap basket with blac
Steady-state getter materials remain as solid forms that continually sorb the gases.
Our daughter had a refreshing raspberry sorb et and our son a delicious-looking and, he confirmed,delicious-tasting lemon meringue pie with raspberry sorbet.