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a clef that puts middle C on the bottom line of the staff

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McKnight also describes the manuscript itself, containing mostly solo songs in treble or soprano clefs with figured basso continuo.
First, though, Peter Holman reviews music publishing in England and Dowland's travels to and from the Continent prior to his publication of the collection in London in spring 1604, while on leave from a court post in Denmark, The dedication mentions that the work was begun in Denmark and finished in England, prompting Holman to suggest that those dances, mostly pavans, with the cantos part in soprano clef ("low-pitched") were written in England for viols, some especially for the collection, while those using treble clef ("high-pitched," mostly galliards and almands) come from the repertory of the violin band at the Danish court.
To Thomas's reservation about the uncharacteristic notation of the top system notated in soprano clef I would add the distinctly amateurish parallel octaves between mm.
His part is notated in the soprano clef, and ranges from d'to e".
When notated in soprano clef in the source, the alto is transcribed in treble clef; when it is originally in mezzo-soprano clef, it is transcribed into alto clef by Tyler (with a tenor viol player in mind) and into treble clef by Hanley (with perhaps a score reader in mind).