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higher in range than soprano

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(8) To this mix of standard instrumentation, in their recordings one can hear flute, trombone, xylophone, and some unusual choices, such as sopranino recorder.
Compared with the modern classification of recorder sizes and pitches it is closest to a low sopranino at [a'sup.1] = 440 Hz.
In addition to descant and sopranino recorders and piano, the songs required a singer and Philip Honnor put Christine in touch with a member of the Singers, mezzo-soprano Jenni Wohlman.
Selfridge-Field cuts the Gordian knot by appending to the set a concerto in C major, RV 444, for sopranino recorder (flautino).
The closing Gilbert work, Igorochki,is a five-movement recorder concerto in which John Turner played every instrumental variation,from bass to sopranino.
(10) Two years later, the tiny sopranino recorder was resurrected in an anonymous 'Coranto' of the sixteenth century, (11) and in 1933 it finally regained its former place in Handel's music in the two well-known recitatives and arias from his opera Acis and Galatea.
Rosemary Robinson will play the spinet with Caroline Jones playing the descant, sopranino and treble recorders.
Sopranino, a daughter of Theatrical and Grade 1 American winner My Darling One, gained a valuable winning bracket in the 13-furlong maiden.
In fact, the only instrument with which the Renaissance A sackbut shares a common pitch is the largely theoretical sopranino shawm.
Turner" opens in a striking way, with the high, alien sounds of a sopranino saxophone dripping like wet paint as the film's credits appear next to plumes of swirling, liquid color.
Sunday at First United Methodist Church on instruments that range from the tiny E-flat sopranino to the long contra-alto.
contemporaries, with solo instruments ranging from sopranino recorder to bassoon (8pm).