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the second class in a four-year college or high school

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This analysis examines variations in course credit accrual and the timing of dropping out by student characteristics (sex, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status) and students' school characteristics (location and sophomore class size).
Cool, confident, cocky even, nonchalantly hiding his real desire to serve, Russian-born Mike Zaytsev coasts on past success as sophomore class president.
During his years at Western, Norris served as Freshmen Class Vice President, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, as well as serving as a student ambassador 'Spirit Master' of the university.
For instance, in a sophomore class studying the Cold War, students write papers arguing that either the US or the USSR was responsible for the initial tensions of that conflict, then they grokduel in "opposing" pairs in front of the class.
Academically, I have served as an AFROTC Detachment Commander/ Professor of Aerospace Studies, where I taught a sophomore class in Air Power History.
You were the smartest kid in that sophomore class by far, but with a modesty that set you apart from many of your arrogant (and occasionally racist) classmates.
Last summer, 52 members of the sophomore class of 963 left, compared with 32 the year before and 18 the year before that.
The charter school's entire sophomore class investigated the 1993 killing of white foreign exchange student Amy Biehl and the 1977 beating death of activist Steven Biko, founder of the Black Consciousness Movement.
Justin is paired up for a sophomore class project with the weird new kid, Jinsen.
As freshman and sophomore Class President, she developed a monthly service project program, with the intention of making sure that the class was involved in community service.
Jean was on the staff of our school paper at Hattiesburg High School and wrote a very nice farewell tribute from the Sophomore Class, of which she was a member, to my Senior Class when I graduated--I still have that paper with the article she wrote.
NEW YORK City--"Pilobolus is the sophomore class show that never closed" is how the late Joseph H.
Columbia College: Freshmen from the class of 1909 defied Columbia's new anti-hazing rule by painting their class year on a fence and shouting, "Quack, quack, quack, quack, 1908," in unison at sophomore class members.
Bryant at 16 entered the sophomore class of Williams College.
College class level was reported by each subject; in both groups, the senior class was largest and the freshman class was smallest while the sophomore class was the same.