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Synonyms for sophistry



Synonyms for sophistry

plausible but invalid reasoning

Synonyms for sophistry

a deliberately invalid argument displaying ingenuity in reasoning in the hope of deceiving someone

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My resolution to acknowledge everything openly, at a convenient season, vindicated the sophistries of worldly wisdom and the sagacity of my old friend.
Duty is duty, John, and no amount of sophistries may change it.
And so he reasoned until the first generous impulse to proclaim the truth and relinquish his titles and his estates to their rightful owner was forgotten beneath the mass of sophistries which self-interest had advanced.
I refuted them to the best of my power; but that power was provokingly small, at the moment, for I was too much flurried with indignation - and even shame - that he should thus dare to address me, to retain sufficient command of thought and language to enable me adequately to contend against his powerful sophistries.
A scholar of Chinese studies with a long career at the City University of New York, Solomon examines a group of thinkers during the Warring States period, 479-221 BC, who have sometimes been accused of flippant linguistic and conceptual puzzles, paradoxes, and sophistries.
Very little of what we believe today is based on objective truth but on mere sophistries manufactured by the media, lobby groups, government and advertising companies.
Having reviewed these sophistries, I would propose another set of explanations.
Economic sophistries cannot persist in the idealized world of positive economic science.
In a flash of jet fuel, the accumulated sophistries, attitudes, and tastes of several generations evaporated.