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Synonyms for sophistication

Synonyms for sophistication

the state of being contaminated

Synonyms for sophistication

uplifting enlightenment

a deliberately invalid argument displaying ingenuity in reasoning in the hope of deceiving someone

being expert or having knowledge of some technical subject

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the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment

falsification by the use of sophistry

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On the other hand, if we observe each of the 20 basic services we will spot the very low sophistication for the following services: declaration to police, enrollment in higher education, health-related services, and submission data to statistical office.
As the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks increase, the price of inaction grows.
Now you're talking hard-core simulation power and computational sophistication to analyze products," says Evans.
The online sophistication score was achieved through analysing the level of online interaction and the overall availability of online public services.
Daniel Carrillo, 17, and Mario Aguillon, 14, will appear in adult court after a Juvenile Court judge reviewed the circumstances and sophistication of the January death of Bryon Benito, who was killed in retaliation for a slaying.
The program addresses distinct segments of this market based on the degree of IT sophistication customers require with regard to industry- and customer-specific application functionality.
Depending on your preference to various drinks, flowers and landscapes, you're categorised into one of four core looks - sophistication, sensuality, audacity or intensity.
The importance of size and scale as factors in both access to capital and cost efficiency magnifies the need for market sophistication.
As teachers, we seem to have an intuitive understanding of acceleration, enrichment, and even novelty, but sophistication often eludes us.
Governments and private sector organizations alike struggle with the need to respond to customers whose level of sophistication and awareness grows every day.
Small, rural schools are not the technological laggards they are often stereotyped to be-in fact, such schools in the Midwest lead the nation in technology sophistication, according to a recent study conducted by a leading education research company.
SRC Software's Advisor Series provides the industry-leading sophistication necessary to precisely model your unique business environment, together with the requisite checks and balances and other system controls.
The faces, makeup, sophistication, and worldwide activities of organized ethnic criminal groups have changed since the days when law enforcement associated only the Mafia with organized crime.
Although one might wish to demur with the evolutionary model such a project supposes, Moskowitz is eloquent in demonstrating the grandeur and sophistication of the tomb, commissioned by the Dominican Order from Nicola Pisano around 1264 and completed by 1267.