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Synonyms for sophistication

Synonyms for sophistication

the state of being contaminated

Synonyms for sophistication

uplifting enlightenment

a deliberately invalid argument displaying ingenuity in reasoning in the hope of deceiving someone

being expert or having knowledge of some technical subject

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the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment

falsification by the use of sophistry

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He said GII results bared the country's biggest weakness is on market sophistication, as it ranked 110 in this area.
SMBC and JRI will be working with NEC, leveraging the achievements and knowhow gained from this initiative to roll out the tool throughout the SMBC Group, and will continue to endeavor to get the SMBC Group working together to adapt to changing times and enhance the sophistication of the combination of "finance and big data," and thereby further improve customer service, through the proactive utilization of new digital technologies.
In the medium term, the country can diversify into products with much higher sophistication content, majority of which are processed meats.
In addition, these efforts were achieved in the Input sub-index through better Business Sophistication performance, increasing from 25 to 23, Market Sophistication with an increase from 33 to 31 and Infrastructure with an increase from 29 to 28.
"As one of the growing products Our products offer sophistication, style and uniqueness - and we hope the cafe will bring a relaxing space for customers
Built in the early 1900s, this establishment will never command such accolades as "sophistication" or "high profile." I personally have frequented this pub over the last 40 years and nothing has changed - not least the filthy urinals, claggy carpets, and the grim decor.
We separate the impact of the environment into two parts; one is the external or exogenous influence on the firm in the form of "environmental uncertainty" and two is the kind of internal response a firm may take to address issues of external uncertainty and this is termed as "technological sophistication".
These indicators are grouped into 12 pillars, namely institutions; infrastructure; macroeconomic environment; health and primary education; higher education and training; goods market efficiency; labor market efficiency; financial market development; technological readiness; market size; business sophistication; and innovation.
Greenberg tells us that all his late modernists, born a generation after the high modernists, "represented themselves as more sophisticated than the sophisticates, and their new norms of sophistication are visibly at work in their treatment of feeling" (44).
The report divides the entire economy into three main indexes that are the basic requirements, efficiency enhancers and innovation and sophistication factors.
The framework of the Global Innovation Index includes institutions, human capital and research, infrastructure, market sophistication, business sophistication, knowledge and technology outputs and creative outputs (creative intangible, creative goods and services and online creativity).
Summary: ABU DHABI -- Strong infrastructure, business sophistication and creative output have put the UAE in the top ranking in overall innovation performance, a study shows.
The grape is cortese, which provides a crisp and refreshing glass with real depth and sophistication.
If you are much taken with etymology, the connection between sophistication and sophistry might not come as a surprise.
One such determinant that has been examined is the consumers' level of sophistication with the shopping experience.