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plausible but misleading


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Present IVR systems do not provide enough customer satisfaction because they lack dynamism to provide the required response to the customers, who wish to perform business critical emergency changes reliably and sophistically by themselves without depending on the agents.
We use cell phones, we fly, we access the internet, eat refined and sophistically prepared food and delude ourselves with our deeds, believing to be above the barbarism.
Plato sophistically treats the semantical diversity of the term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and the ambiguity of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] that is interpreted as 'justify' and 'bring to court, punish', with the aim of sending Callicles out of battle at a dialectic level.
1] sophistically attributed to disorder-induced carbon features arising from finite particle size effect or lattice distortion [40].
Holding down the student protests violently or sophistically will be a temporary defeat of the hope that things will get better.
This unique and sophistically designed product will bring style and hydration into the home and offer a filter subscription service to deliver fresh, new filters right when they're needed.
It has fostered the vanity of sophistically minded souls, thus keeping them astray from the path of "true virtue.
The main aim of the efficacy is to reach to targets sophistically for making better and excellent life status in this regard [15].
The entire programme was likened to a fashion show of the most colourful and sophistically designed kimonos including traditional costumes for festivals and Samurai style.
Small but charming is Julie Stoner's "Terra Firma," an ironic riposte by a mother to her youngster, who claims sophistically that in a world of impending disasters there is no reason to do his chores: "the world might end, and / all your puny labors will be as nothing.